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I come from...

A few years ago, I wrote this.  There was a writing prompt asking who we were, so I came up with that.  I wrote about who I was at that moment and I was so proud of how I represented myself.

I was looking for some writing inspiration and found some journaling prompts with one suggesting this:  "I come from".  I promised myself after being sick that I wouldn't dwell in the past, but sometimes I have to allow myself to go there so that I can appreciate my now.

I come from...
a birthday party where my parents met and talked all night.
a world of secrets that were discovered too late.
a childhood that should never have been and a marriage that was a mistake.
anxiety and depression and learning about those things way too young.

I also come from...
travel and experiencing different cultures and cities.
seeing the sunrise over the ocean.
breathing in the clean, crisp air of Machu Picchu.
dancing all night and drinking a few too many at the bars in Harvard Square.

I come from..…

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