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Move Forward

There are always three sides to a story: my version, their version, and the truth.  Only God knows the truth...and this is mine.

This is what I need to keep doing.

There are experiences that have shaped who I am.  All of them memorable: some full of joy and others not so much.  Some of those experiences would make any sane person cringe. Unfortunately, the memories of the horrific are what attack me.  In the middle of the night when it's just me in bed with my thoughts, the memories come back and attack me like knives to my heart.

Having cancer three years ago, triggered so many emotions.  When I had once been able to control the flashbacks to a certain extent, cancer was the evil that pushed all the work I'd done on myself right back to step one.

I remember thinking:
"I still have to go through more, God?"
"Haven't I gone through enough already?"
"What did I do to deserve all of these trials?"
But as the saying goes: God only g…

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