third time around

First time was new and exciting.
Second time was scary and enlightening.
The third time? Well, let me tell ya...

I actually couldn't believe it worked!  I got the first try.  The first try, people!  At my age, with my history, almost ten years after my last pregnancy.  I wanted this pregnancy for the last five years.  I kept asking when we would start trying or if we even should.  And happened.  Just like that.

Just. Like. That.

We found out the day my period was supposed to start and laughed hysterically when we saw that second line.  I didn't feel pregnant.  Moody?  Well, yeah - but that's normal.  So that night - the night that we found out - I prayed.  I asked Him to make me feel this pregnancy.  I asked to give me faith that this baby, His gift to us, would stay strong and live comfortably inside of me for nine months.

And, boy, has He made me feel this pregnancy!  Every symptom - it was textbook that first three months.  Nausea? Check.  Frequent bathroom breaks? Check.  Crying one minute, laughing the next? Check.  Every week I'd check the BabyCenter page to see how this baby was growing.  It was (is!) just so miraculous - it's beautiful.  With the beauty I read, I also would see that everything that page said about me as the mama was happening, too.

Scared me a little, but blessed me all at the same time.  Our first prenatal appointment was interesting.  The doc couldn't see the baby, but we heard the strong fast heartbeat of 8 weeks.  Finally, we saw - our little baby - just a little speck, but right there!  Since I'd had a miscarriage and tough labor with Lucas nine years earlier, the doctor thought it would be best to just wait to announce.

We only told the kids and my brother + sis-in-law.  Other than those precious few, it was all very hush-hush.  Do you know how hard it is not to scream from the rooftops that you're preggers?!  How interesting it can be to hide a pregnancy? Yeah, fun.  Not.

I didn't write on here because all I could think of was this baby.  Was everything going to be alright?  Would all the blood test (so many) give us good news each time.  It was so hard to not just tell you all, my loveys.  Because here is where I let my heart pour out the words.

Oh! but when I finally was able to tell you all - you sent love like a real family.  Thank you so much for that.  I never received a message that said, "oopsie, huh?" You genuinely were (and still are) so supportive and happy for me and my growing family.

I can't wait to see how Baby Girl Soriano progresses.  I can't wait for everything God has promised me.  He is taking care of me and his precious little child inside of me.  Not just with my health, but with everything I need when she arrives.  It's just blessings at every turn.  I am so thankful.

How is is the third time around?  Just like the first two - but so different at the same time.  The third time around...knowing this will probably be your last time around.

How do I feel?  Just blessed.  Oh so blessed.

Lots Going On Lately

I have no idea how this keeps happening, but I keep forgetting I have a blog!  A blog where I love to share my little slice of life - so, I thought I'd catch you up on what's been up lately.

You probably heard, but if not, my little family is growing by one more pair of little feet this September!  I'm about 17 1/2 weeks as of today and finally able to scream it from the rooftops!  It was a rough first three months, but we're in the clear and our doc gave us the A-Ok to announce.  Everyone has been so wonderful about our new baby girl.  I'm hoping to share some ultrasounds soon!
This past week was the kids' Spring Break, so the hubby and I took the week off of work to have a little spring adventure with the littles!  We headed to Lake Tahoe for the first few days.  It was so relaxing and fun.  On our way there, we took our time and stopped for a bathroom break at this little place called Bravo Farms.  The kids loved it!

It snowed the second day after we got to Tahoe and it was AWESOME!  The kids played and we took pics like crazy:)  My hormones are a little back to normal (#preggerprobs), so I'm loving my Hubby  a lot more lately. 

I had been wanting to try this place I heard about on the Food Network on that show, um...what's it called? Diners, Dives and Drive-ins, I think.  Anyway, the restaurant they featured blew my mind and I *had* to go.  It's called Jax on the Tracks and ever since I saw the eggs benedict on that show, I've been craving it!  Hubby fulfilled that wish and we drove into Truckee one morning and I stuffed my face.  All the YUM!

We headed home in the middle of the week, took a rest day and then were at it again.  We spent an afternoon at Universal Studios - it was blazing hot, but we still had fun.  We're thinking we need to extend our passes for next year because they're going to be opening a Harry Potter World type thing in 2016!!!

On Friday, we spent the day with my SIL and nephew - went to the park and had a little picnic lunch and, of course, ice cream!  Had a blast and hope to do it again really soon!

Actually had a chance to see my brother that day, too!  Since it was #nationalsiblingday, I had to take a selfie with him.  Love my bro!

We ended the week with a trip to the beach.  Was overcast most of the morning, so of course I'm a burned to a crisp.  But whatever!  It's our happy place and I spent time hanging with Miah on the sand, with Lucas splashing in the waves, and enjoying the kids thoroughly with the hubby.

What's the best part? Every single part of it!  We got a lot of rest (this mama needed it, yo!), ate lots, played bunches, and made memories.

Making memories...that's what's been going on lately:)