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For the ones that matter...

I remember what it was like so many years ago when I felt that I lost everything.  It was the recession and we had lost our home, cars, money....and friends.  And in a little way, I was okay with that.  Losing those friends didn't break me.  I had moments when I was lonely, of course.  I strongly believe that as a woman I need other women in my life that will be my own personal village.  All those years ago, I didn't have that.  I had my husband and kids and we had uprooted everything to stay afloat and not drown.  We little mighty family and I got through that darkness and saw the light about four or five years later.

In that time, I filled my loneliness with writing.  When that wasn't enough anymore, I started to write this blog.  I found a community in blogging and to this day I still have a strong connection with the women I met through this blogging community. all that time, I missed having a home filled with my friends.  Hanging out at a boo…

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