Friday, July 25, 2014

TIGF: Things I'm Grateful For (New Link-Up!!!)

I'm really thrilled to be a part of this link-up with Ashley and Laura!  As you know I've been participating in TIGF for the last two Friday and it is one of the easiest and most fun posts I've written.  It's so easy because, well, who isn't grateful for something, right?

Starting today and every Friday, you will now have the opportunity to share what you are grateful for, too.  Link up, visit each other, and share in each other's gratefulness.  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Here we go!

Oh that Sibling Love.  I posted that photo on Instagram last night after seeing my son cuddle up to his sister.  I love how close they are.   Yes, they argue every once in a while and they tease each other, but they love each other so fiercely.  They are each others defenders to the end and protect each other from anyone who may want to cross their path.  I dare anyone to tease my son in my daughter's presence - she will walk right up to you and tell you not to mess with her little brother.  It makes me giggle at how protective they are of each other.  If one of them is being scolded, the other one will go by later and hug him/her and make it all okay.  They've got that solidarity thing going and I pray it lasts forever.

My Morning Commute.  Twice this week I've had to drive into work on my own.  Yes, it was nice to have some alone time, but it also made me miss that time each morning I have with my husband.  Even if we don't talk and are just listening to a book together or the radio, we're together.  Some mornings, I read my book while he drives.  Other mornings are filled with talks that you don't want to end.  Then, as the work day is done, we get to rehash our days and be grateful that we have each other.  I am one lucky woman to love and cherish this husband of mine so much.  He is my answered prayer.  God did a great job when he picked him out for me, huh?

The Skin I'm In.  So much of my life has been a battle with this body of mine.  Yo-yo dieting? I was an expert.  Beating myself up? That too was my forte.  But I am so comfortable with who I am, what I look like, and how I feel.  Yes, I have those self-bullying days, but they come so few and far between now.  I love who I am and how I got here.  I'm grateful for myself.

Oh, Christian Grey.  I spent pretty much every waking hour with E. L. James' Grey Trilogy.  I could not put those books down.  So, when the trailer came out yesterday for the first Fifty Shades movie, I was more than ecstatic.  I cannot wait to set up a all-girl-swooning date for Valentine's Day next year.  What does this have to do with being grateful you ask?  It made me think yesterday.  The love I have for books - those books that reel you in and make you abandon all responsibility and make you sad that they're over - is never-ending.  I love cracking open a new book or smelling that old page smell of a oldie-but-goodie.  I love love love reading.  It's such a big part of me. 

Now it's your turn!  
What are you grateful for this week?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Whoa Nelly! Now that's a wordy post, for serious!

Do I have any idea what I'm going to talk about today? Nope.  Is that okay? Yup.  Did you know that I write my posts the day that they publish?  I write them in the morning when the mood hits.  If I don't write it's because I'm either really busy and don't have enough time or I'm just not inspired.

Pretty much like yesterday.  I went to see the counselor at my college to figure out what classes I need to be taking next.  I made the drastic decision of changing my major to Business.  Not my passion, I know.  Not my forte, either, but it's what I know.  It's what I've been doing for the last 15 or so years in the work world.  So, there it is in a nutshell.  I'm getting a degree that will actually help me more in my job.  I figured that I know my passion is writing, but I can do that here.  Also, I don't really believe you need a formal education to be a writer.  Life experience and getting out there in the real world - I think that makes a fabulous writer.

Oh, so I go to the counselor right? I have 32 or so units under my belt and if I go full-time for the next two semesters, I could transfer to one of the universities I want. But, um, that means I'd have to go to school full-time, work full-time, mother and wife full-time plus have enough time to get studying in and family time.  Um, no.  I'm just going to take classes as I can - slow and steady wins the race.  That will now and forever be my motto for my college career.  I'll graduate, for sure...just in my timing without any anxiety attacks or nervous breakdowns.

After my morning appointment at the college, I was off to work and well, that's what happens.  Work trumped blogging.  Lunch did, too.  Dinner as well.  I wasn't even on social media much yesterday (what?!).  The world didn't end.  No one made a fuss that I wasn't here or on instagram or FB.  That's awesome.

No, really.  See, the way I see it our lives need to come first.  That's what gives us material for our blogs.  Living life.  Being in the moment.  Being in it to win it.  So, if you are a blogger (duh!), don't ever feel guilty for not be "on" all the time.  Sometimes we need a break.  Perfectly okay.

Actually, it's awesome.  You be you.  All else will fall into place.  Kind of like that new motto...

Take it one step at a time.  Slow and steady wins the race (wink).

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PS:  I had offered last week free sidebar space to anyone who wanted it:)  I know, I'm pretty swell.  Well, I tried my darnedest, but Passionfruit Ads just wasn't working for me...and, #sorrynotsorry, I'm pretty cheap and don't want to pay for the service - especially since I don't charge for sidebar space.  So...I set up a slideshow of sorts and then the bloggers links right under.  Pretty ingenious, if you ask me;) So give a little visit and love to my "Loveys to Follow", k?  And if you'd like to be on the slideshow and link list, just email me with your 200x200 button image.  Go to "Contact" - all the info is there (or will be shortly).

Longest PS in the history of this blog - lol!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

He Gave Me a Choice


I woke up one day and said, "Yes.  This is the life I am supposed to have."  I was destined to be a wife, a mommy, an employee, a writer, a student, a back-up singer and dancer of all cars, a hugger, a woman who inspires, encourages, and empowers, and so much more.  I am so many things.  There are so many parts of me that are important.

God gave me a choice even before I was born.  I believe He sat me down on a fluffy cloud a few days before I was born and showed me the life I was going to have.  He showed me who my parents would be.  He gave me a glimpse into the little brother I would have.  He showed me the abuse that I would endure.  He let me see all the countries I would live in.  He gave me a view of all the friends I would keep and lose - and what their presence in my life would signify.  He showed me the loss, depression, anxiety, and heartbreak.  He also gave me a look into my future letting me know that I'd go through a lot in my childhood - the good and the very bad - but, he explained that I would go through these to be stronger.  He showed me my best friend who would become my husband.  It wouldn't be easy to become his wife, but we would eventually get to be together.  He introduced me to my three children.  The ones I would live with and the one that would look over me from Heaven.

Then He told me I had time to decide if that was the life I wanted.

I was born into this life because of what God knew I could handle.  He had faith that I could live this life fully.  He knew I'd regret certain decisions I've made, but that I would learn from the experiences He put in my path.

I have always thought about the Why of what my life is.  I have always wondered what would have been if I had not decided to take this life and live it.  Who would I be if my parents had never conceived me?  What would my life have been like if I had not traveled in my younger years?  Would I have met my husband?  Would I have these beautiful children?  Would I be happy?

This life that I have chosen is perfectly imperfect.  There are flaws, but the blissful moments and experiences outweigh those inadequacies.  There have been many mistakes I have made or deceit that I have encountered.  There have been so many moments of worry and inner grief.

Those moments come and go.  But I fully embrace that life that God showed me on that cloud.  He believed in me because He knew I was a force.  A force of good over evil.  He gave me a silent superpower - the best one there is.

He knew I would see the best in a situation even as I struggled.  He knew I would be that listening ear and shoulder to cry on for so many women in my life.  He knew I would make my life worth something.  He trusted me with this life because He knew...

He knew I was imperfectly perfect.  He made me a shining star in the darkness - that light for my family, my friends, my readers...

but most importantly, for me.
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Being Spontaneous

On Saturday, as I woke up with my little tribe, we decided we were going to do something fun.  We got dressed and headed out to Port O' Call in San Pedro, California.  I used to go there as a little girl and always loved it.  We had never been there as a family and no plans were made before to go anywhere.  We were being spontaneous!

We had a blast as you can see by the pics.  It was an awesome time!  Started the day with a Starbucks treat (of course), headed out to San Pedro, enjoyed a yummy fish and chips lunch, a stop of the candy store, and a boat ride around the harbor. 

I'm so happy with how the day turned out.  It's nice to not have a plan and just see where the day takes you.

How was your weekend?
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Coffee-Induced Gratefulness (TIGF)

Every Friday with Ashley & Laura

Brazilian-Influenced Music.  I grew up listening to a vast array of music.  My Papa influenced my musical taste when it came to anything Latin or European.  He listened to Argentine tango, Italian arias, South American cumbias or Salsa, Música Criolla from Perú, and a lot of rhythmic Brazilian songs from the 70s era.  Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 were a staple in my household.  When I want to relax or feel motivated, I turn on my Pandora station and let the brazilian-influenced tunes embrace me.  I chill and can be ready for anything that hits me.  Today I'm doing just that.  "Más Que Nada" comes on, I smile.  That's our song, my Papa and I.  That was our Father-Daughter dance at my wedding - the dance where I saw the look of pride in my father's eyes for me.  Bliss.

Prayer When Needed.  Last night I felt bombarded with negative feelings.  I had a good day - an easy-going day with no worries at all.  Around bedtime, I felt like I was being whipped by my mind's hurtful waves.  I needed prayer.  I needed good vibes sent to my rescue.  I reached out on Instagram and asked for prayer.  I have no shame in putting my issues out there for the community to see.  I know I'm not the only one that gets depressed or anxious.  I was just being real because I couldn't do it alone.  I need my friends and blog family to rescue me.  I felt all those prayers and good old-fashioned love that was sent to me.  I slept well and woke up grateful.  Thank you.

A New Weekend to Come.  When five o'clock hits today, my weekend will be begin.  I don't have any specific plans.  I just know it will be good.  Why?  I will be with my little tribe.  The one my hubby and I created - and when I am with my three favorites all is right in the world.  I can exhale.

You.  My loveys, new and old.  You are the foundation of this blog.  Without you, my sweet readers, this place would be empty.  I love that you come here - to read what I write, to feel encouraged here, to feel empowered.  I strive to be a positive part in your day because, lovey, you do that for me.  So much love for you all.  My daughter and son, in the future you will read this and I hope you have an insight on what Mommy's life was like.  I love you.  You made me who I am today.  Both of you make me the happiest.  You are such a blessing to Daddy and me.  Smile while you read this.  You were my inspiration for this place. Besitos.

What are you grateful for this week?

Have a beautiful and exquisite day, loveys.  Make each moment count and smile.  Smiles make a world of difference. ♥

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Compliments of Mama and Him (a Vintage Nay repost)

Hey lovey,
I wanted to share an old post with you today.  One from my old blog, Cover 2 that inspired me.  I hope you enjoy this Vintage Nay writing.

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There are two things going on in my head at this exact moment {on top of all the other wonderous thoughts happening}
That song ♫♪♫ain't no mountain high enough♫♪♫, you know the one that Diana Ross sang
- and -
The constant reminder that keeps coming to my mind whenever I think I can't do something...the one I have repeated countless times on here, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".


Both of those things remind me of strength and love...and both from two very special sources.
That Diana Ross song? ...that's my mama.
I can't remember a time my mother wasn't the kitchen, in the car, when she put us to sleep {oh goodness, I'm getting a little weepy thinking about it}.  Not until very very recently have I ever thought my mother as a strong woman.  For some insane reason, I thought my mom was weak.  But something happened a month or so ago...I thought about my mom and how good she was to me and my she made things possible with what little we had, how she knew us inside out even when we weren't sure of ourselves, how she taught us to be happy, how she was our best friend. 

Often times, I look back on my childhood and dwell on all the bad things...and that's wrong.  There were so many good things and all of them were because of my mama.
She didn't sing us lullabies - she sang Motown hits and James Taylor and the Beatles to soothe us.
She was hip and cool before I even knew what that meant.

I often wonder how can I do it all - family, work, home, school, lil projects, keeping in touch with friends and all of you, blogging...- and then I think of my mom.
She did it that's why I can.  She is a ROCK.  And, amazingly, I am a product of her - and wow, did she do a good job with what God gave her:)

The only way she could do all these things - how I can do all these things - is because of that Guy Up There.  The one who even though things were rough around the edges, even though there is hurt and pain from the past...He has given me everything I have now.  Everything because He knows I'm strong enough to handle it - to take the blows - to take the good and make it awesome!

Yeah, I can do all things through Him...but having some of my mama helps a lot too.

A little note to you, as well:
Lovey, you are awesomely made.  You can do whatever you think you can.  And those things you don't think are in you?  I promise - if you try to do them -even if you fail miserably - you will have succeeded.
You. Can. Do. This.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What do you see?

What do you see when you look out into the world? 
Do you see goodness?
Do you see a life that is ready to be lived?
Do you see an answer to your questions?
Do you see hope or despair?

What do you see?

Now let me ask you...what do you want to see?

I've always tried to see the cup as half full instead of half empty.  Half empty took over my world in a lot of moments, as well.  Other times I was just happy that the cup was filled at all.  I think that's what we all strive for, right?  To see that our life or what we look out at/our perspective is filled with something, anything.  You want to look out into this window to your world and see what you need and seek.

Everyday I wake up and try to fill my thoughts, my hours, my day with positive thinking.  It's hard a lot of the times.  Sometimes I just want to get back in bed and hide under the covers and let my life be obliterated by sleep.  Sleep helps to make the time pass.  It is also one of my signs of my personal depression.  To get out of that depression, those moments where I don't want to try, I need to do something.  Fill my imaginary cup...half full, half empty, it doesn't long as it is filled.

There are so many of us that suffer through this.  The hustle of life gets to us.  We try to figure out how we're going to fit one more thing in our already tight as it is schedule.  We want more.  We need more.  And sometimes, we have no idea what that "more" is that fulfills us.

What would make us happy?
What  would help us get out of bed every morning?
What would help us sleep at night?
What would give us a better view?

But happens.  You get that hug you needed.  You get that phone call that makes you smile.  You get that warm cup of something that makes life so well worth it.  Those are the memories and experiences that we need to cling to.  When the fog rolls in and tries to engulf you in the what ifs and why nots, we need to put things into a new perspective.  That perspective that shows us how worthy, how wonderful, how smart and beautiful and enough we really are.

What do I see when I look out into the world?
I see Hope.
A world of hope and promise at my fingertips.  A world where I can pour something grand into my cup...
I want my cup to be filled with gentle kisses, warm hugs, a sweet hello, and well of inspiration at my fingertips.  I want a world that I look out at that gives me what I need and long for.

A world where I hold that warm cup in my hand and inhale the goodness that I know is out there.
The goodness that tells me that I am enough.  
That you are enough.
That we are filled and ready to tackle this place called life.

Now what do you see when you look out into this big wide world?

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