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a real birthday party

Little Miss Annika is turning 4 YEARS OLD soon!Can you believe it?!I definitely can’t.
We were never able to give Annika a proper birthday party since I was diagnosed within eight months after her birth.Her first birthday was at home while I watched from my hospital room on FaceTime.Her next couple of birthdays I was either still quarantined to be in contact with other people orjust too sick.We celebrated in small ways, just the five of us.
My hubby and I were talking about it and decided that this is the year!I feel great and she’s old enough to really understand.We know how to sign the happy birthday song to her and she’s been getting that when a cake comes out with candles, you blow!
I discovered a great online card company, Basic Invite, and I am in love with all the options.We’ve decided to do a Bowling Day Birthday Party.Inviting friends that family and perfect day for Annika.

So I started exploring Basic Invite’s website for ideas.There are so many invites!  There are party in…

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