Make it Simple {Choco-Toffee-Chocolate Chip Cookies}

Hi there -
I was part of cookie exchange today...
So I wanted to tell you  - I was freaking. out. about what to make...
Was I going to make something intricately delectable and all fancy shmancy?
Or make it simple and boring - something anyone would make?

just bake.

I chose the latter:)
I called up my favorite "fake it and make it" baker girlfriend and she looked up a easy-peasy cookie recipe.  She even went the extra mile to road test it herself to make sure they were good enough to eat:)
That's a true friend right there!  {Thanks Ana!}

This recipe is so easy, you're going to giggle a bit...and be totally happy with how much everyone likes them!

I call them "Choco-Toffee-Chocolate Chip Cookies"...

1 box (15.25 ounce package) cake mix
{I used Devil's Food Cake Mix - whatever brand was on sale - wink}
1/2 cup butter (unsalted)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips
1/2 cup of Heath Bar toffee bits

Pre heat oven 350 degrees
Pour cake mix into bowl & stir in the butter ,eggs, and vanilla extract  
Mix untill well blended (it was really sticky and thick)
Fold in chocolate chips and toffee chips
Drop by rounded spoonful  on to ungreased cookie sheets

Bake for 11-15min (keep an eye on them)

I should put a little side note on this, though.  I made the dough on Monday night and freezed them over night - then made them on Tuesday night.  I read somewhere that if you bake the cookies frozen they hold their shape better...well these did, but I don't know if it's because they were frozen or not:)

The cookies cooling off:)
They aren't the prettiest cookies, but my hubby and kids loved the ones I let them eat...:)

And here they are all packaged up for the cookie exchange...

I think I want to try them with vanilla cake mix next!

Go make these - you won't be sorry...
So easy even a kiddo can make them!
{I'm sure my kids will like making them next time -
I wouldn't let them this time 'cause I'm such a control freak - ha!}

Do you have an easy-peasy recipe {for anything} to share?

Besos & Hugs,

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  1. they look yummy but i have a rule of no more than 5 ingredients...boooooo :)

  2. Those look delish! There hasn't been time for cookie making this year, but these look almost easy enough for everything that's been going on in our lives.

  3. Thanks for the recipe Nay! Looks delish!

  4. I'm in love cake mix cookies these days. I've recently made it a rule to freeze all of my drop cookie recipes for 10-15 minutes before baking to keep them the from spreading So far its working wonders. Thanks for sharing these yummy cookies at Whatcha Whipped Up Wednesday


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