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Today I just want to “be”.
Today I just want to not worry about anything and leave it in His hands.
Today I want to trust that His plan is the best plan and that I don’t have to do anything.
Today I have recited Philippians 4:13 and said it to my husband a lot and it’s only 9:00am.
Today that verse is all that is holding me up.
Today I am sad that yet another door has been closed in our faces.


Today I know deep in my heart that my wonderful Father in heaven has a big plan for us.
Today I believe more in the effects rather than the cause.
Today I remember that just three years ago we lost pretty much everything...but look haw far we've come!
Today I remind myself that other families would have fallen apart because of it.
Today I am happy to say that with every tribulation there has been a cause for joy and praise.

I know this because…

Today I am going to be thankful for everything I do have.
Today I am thanking Him for my two healthy children.
Today I am on my knees letting Him know how grateful I am for the faithful, loving, gorgeous husband He gave me.
Today I know that my prayers were answered exactly the way I asked for them those many many years ago.

I am blessed.
I am thankful.
I am happy.

And for you?
Today I pray that you find the thankfulness in your heart for everything you DO have.
Today I send you swirly-pink-feel-good thoughts your way.
Today I am happy to have you here…reading these words that were inspired by Megan’s "just because" post today.

And lastly, today…
I send you many many…


  1. It's funny - no matter how many times I hear the words worry less I still find myself worrying away!

    Lovely post - have a great Christmas :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  2. I am proud of your strength, your courage, your willingness to believe that better things are in store if only you will stay the course. You are a strong, amazing woman!

  3. Awesome! Have I mentioned I'm so glad that you are back to blogging?

  4. Thanks for coming by to my blog. Your words were so sweet. Just your attitude of praising God in the storms says so much about you. I'm inspired by your post and by you. Thank you for that!! Now following :) Merry Christmas!


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