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Loving: Well, it’s pretty obvious what I’m always loving {my little family}, but this week especially?  I am loving that I’m back to blogging!  I have missed it tremendously.  My little place in the world wide web is my outlet.  It’s my place…mine alone. And?  I get to share it with you!
Anticipating:  My parents’ arrival.  They will be on American soil once again starting tomorrow night.  I haven’t seen them in almost two years!  We are all very happy to be able to enjoy them for a little over a monthJ Thrilled is more like it… It’s going to be nice to just hug my mom and tease my dad…it’s the little things (wink)
Missing: Dare I say it? Chocolate and not-so-healthy food.  I have cut down my portions to “regular healthy people” portions and have taken away the “so bad it’s good” stuff.  It was hard in the beginning, but I’m just taking little baby steps.  One day at a time. 
I’m putting down the logic that I used when I stopped smoking…
Every day is an accomplishment and don’t look back – if you think of backsliding STOP!  Think of everything you’ve done up to this point!”
{I also give myself an “awesome” point a day and I don’t want to lose any!}
Motivated: I have been oh so motivated these last two weeks.  So, you should know…I am not one for exercising.  At.  All.  But the last two weeks I have been a workout and healthy eating queen!  I am actually waking up a half hour earlier in the morning to work out.  No, really I am!  Shocking, I tell ya…SHOCKING!
Feeling: I think I feel a lot of closure these days.  I learned a lot in this past year…about how people perceive me and what I am supposed to be doing in this life of mine.  I don’t really know what’s up and coming in my life next year, but I feel excited about it! OH the possibilities - they're endless, right?!
Nervous: I just finished my first semester back in college.  I did really well in my English class, but now I have to go through the whole “trying to get in a class” again.  I stress out trying to get classes at this new college.  But when there’s a will, there’s a way {that's what I keep chanting to myself anyway so I won't hyperventilate}
Re-Reading: Book 3 of the Twilight Saga – Eclipse.  After watching Breaking Dawn Part 2, I was so heartbroken that it was all over. 
“The end of an era, baby! What do I do now?” I told my hubby…
So what does a heartbroken girl do? Starts the relationship over again.  And this time is actually better than the first time I read the series.  #don’tjudge #twihardforlife #ohjeez
Listening: (on repeat on youtube) Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars…I love the beat (yes, it reminds me of the Police, but oddly enough a song from High School Musical – don’t ask) and it kinda gets me a little…well, hot and bothered.  (Yes, really – blushing over here!) Stop laughing…

What are you up to Currently?

Besitos and Hugs -

**This post was inspired by Alissa who was inspired by Colleen who was inspired by Danielle who was inspired by Megan... {Yes, I did my homework - smile}


  1. You are so awesome! I wish you would have told me sooner, I would have sent you encouraging texts and emails... even though we both know I'm an awful texter. I would have made the effort if I knew you were working hard at being so healthy!

  2. I know what you mean about the closure part. I need to learn about just letting things go and remembering them with a smile...at least that's what closure means to me!
    I shouted you out on the blog today! Just thought I'd let you know!



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