7 Things Challenge {2013}

Hi loveys,
Did you know that I absolutely loathe New Year's Resolutions? 
They just make me feel like a failure when I don't accomplish them. 
But, this year is different. 
Again, I am not making a resolution - that hasn't changed - but I am giving myself "things" for the year.
I heard about this new way of thinking through my daily read, "Absolute Mommy", who linked up with another fave, "Lena B, Actually"  -  so what did I do?
I joined in the fun!
My 7 Things for 2013 -
What will your "things" be?
7 Things Link Up with Ms. Lena


  1. I love the things that you want to work on for the upcoming year! I am working on love this year... in all of its iterations. Seemed like a good thing to work on, what with getting married and all =)

  2. Good goals! I'm loving reading everyones goals for the month or year!


  3. Love them, love your new blog design, and love YOU. <3

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Hey Lovey! You're commenting! You just made me happier than...well, me with a Chestnut Praline Latte. (Yes, now you know what to order for me if we ever go to Starbucks - lol)