A House {full} of BOYS?!

Happy Monday Loveys!
I hope your weekend was happy and you are ready for another week:)
I know it's Monday and you're probably asking yourself,
"What is she so happy about?"
Well, today I have a little treat for you!
Angela from
the Livingstons House {full} of BOYS
is here to do a little guest post for you.

She is really the most down-to-earth girl I've met through blogging...and she makes the cutest kids!
I met her last year at the Elevate Blog Conference and have seen her around town because of her shop Bubba's Basics and other little blog functions in the SoCal area.

Trust me, you're gonna love her:)
She is just really wonderful and guess what?!
It's her birthday!
So why not make her day by reading the post down there, maybe stopping by her bloggy and giving her some birthday love.

Good idea?
I knew you'd think so. 
ps: I'm over at her place today to give her a day off for her bday.  Yeah, I'm cool like that.
Don'tcha know? Giving a busy momma a day off is the best birthday gift ever!
Hi! I'm Angela, I blog at The Livingston's house full of boys where I share my adventures of being the only girl in my house (5 boys and 1 husband), my crafty tutorials, meals I make with my boys and just about anything else I can come up with. Hope you'll join and check it out.

Parenting is hard, we all know it! I'm a mom of 5 boys. Five loud, messy, dirty, smelly boys, but those boys have me wrapped around their sweet dirty little fingers. While I'd love to say that parenting gets easier-I'm not going to lie, it doesn't. If someone tells you it gets easier, they don't have a teenager. It's always hard, it just becomes a different type of hard.

Today, I thought I'd share a few things I've learned over my last 12 years of being a mom:

-My babies {except 1} may sleep through the night, but I never get a full nights rest. I'm always worrying about them, always thinking about the things I said that day. Did I kiss them enough, did I tell them "I love you" enough.

-Boys don't know how to aim--I mean really?!? How hard could it actually be to aim for the large hole in a toilet?

-if you live in a house with boys, make sure to look before you sit down...not sure what I'm talking about-see above comment.

-the terrible twos do not last for only one year, and they reoccur around 12 and last until...well I'm still there with a 17 year old {step} son?

-one can never have enough band aids or baby wipes

-there is no point in making beds. Have you ever tried making bunk beds?!? Not fun!

-always check pockets before washing laundry

-there is no such thing as "running" into a store with kids in tow

-lock your bedroom. And your bathroom for that matter. I don't and I can't remember the last time I peed without a little one following me in or without seeing little finger under the door.

-watching tv will not turn their brain to mush. And let's be honest every now and then that electronic 'babysitter' know as video games/iPads/iPods/tablets come in really handy when momma just needs a little quiet.

-I will never have enough milk in my fridge...I really should invest in a dairy cow!

-I will never be able to keep up with laundry.ever.

And while my house may never stay clean for longer than a day (if I'm lucky), the boys bathroom will always smell weird, and I may go broke trying to feed them in their teenage years -- nothing, NOTHING beats the feeling I get when my older boys say, "mom, you ROCK"; when my toddler (even after a meltdown) says in his sweet little voice, "momma, you're my best friend'; or when my 13 month old smacks his lips to give me a big, open mouth slobbery kiss.

Parenting IS hard, but nothing worth it ever is.


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