About Last Night...

Good Morning...
Take a seat...please.
Let's chat :)
{grab a cup of anything you want...it's on me - wink}

So last night I had the worst time trying to get to sleep - my mind woke up as soon as I put my head to the pillow.
Toss, turn, thought.  Toss, turn, thought.
Grab phone, enter thought on notepad...
{You never know when one of those thoughts becomes a blog post.}

Case in point...
My huge thought last night was what was I really going to talk to you about today.
Was I going to babble about what I've been up to?
Would I finally use my voice?

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To answer that question, I did something I've never done before.
I had a little convo with God about it - about the blog -
{thanks Amanda for the lil nudge}
And you know what came out of it?
He reminded me that I have a voice.
That voice needs to be heard...by you, lovey.
So, since I couldn't sleep anyway, I re-read some of my old posts from
Cover 2 Cover
and realized that I have a lot to say...
I have what it takes to empower and inspire
God gave me this blog so that I could use my gift of writing to do so.
You and I are not perfect - duh.
But I know that a lot of us go through the same kind of situations during our life.
We think, "Am I parenting right?"
or "Am I being good to myself?"
or "Will I be in a relationship soon?"
or "Am I being a good partner?"
or "Will we ever be able to afford to (fill in the blank)?"
or "Are others noticing me and what I am capable of?"

and so many other questions!
I definitely positively do not have all the answers...
but maybe, just maybe, we can find the answers together.
This blog (as was my other one) is my little space, my outlet...the place where I can be Me.
I also want this place to be for you...
Somewhere that you can
find inspiration
or just a
"I'm not the only one that feels that/is going through that!"
kind of place.
A community.
Are you in?
Linking up with Alissa today...
Go grab a refill at her place!


  1. You know I'm always in when it comes to having a place for people to fill themselves up with love, inspiration, joy, hope... let the good times roll, and enjoy your voice. It deserves to be heard.

  2. Yes, I'm in! :) LOVE your blog design chica! Besos and feliz ano nuevo to you too!! xoxo


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