Are you a "No-Reply"-er?

Hi there!
I wanted to ask you for a BIG HUGE favor!!!
Would you go check something for me?
I want you to see if you are a "no-reply" commentor...
It's really easy to do...
Kristine wrote this post a while back and it's helped bloggers and commentors everywhere.
Do you know what a "no-reply" commentor is?
It means that when you comment on my blog and I want to email you back and continue the convo -
I can't :(
And I really want to!
So let's be friends...
Enable your email!
Tell others!
Can you just imagine the possiblilities?
All those new bloggy relationships you'll have?
I know!
Now, go!
I'll talk to you in a bit:)
Thanks to Megan for reminding me about Kristine's post!


  1. always a good thing to know :)

  2. I did this thing about a month ago. I wasn't a no reply blogger until I did the google + switch. That messed it all up. But, not I am set again.


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