Caffeinated Nay {I warned ya!}

It's time to grab a coffee with me and just shoot the breeze.
How does that sound?
It sounds absolutely wonderful to me...
If we were having coffee today,
 I would tell you that I am feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident since I started my #healthyme2013 quest and the #31daysofselflove.  If you follow me on instagram, you'll see how I've been eating healthier, exercising, and telling myself pretty awesome stuff.
I'm seeing such a change in myself - and it's so empowering.
If we were having coffee today,
 I would tell you that this week has had its ups-and-downs and I'm actually okay with that.  Life isn't perfect.  I was talking to my BFF yesterday and she said something pretty awesome to me - something that she is trying to live everyday:
"Don't fill your destiny with doubt."
She was telling me that when ever she gets down on herself or thinks negatively, she just thinks of all the blessing she does have and thanks God for them.
She knew just what to say to me without knowing it.
If we were having coffee today,
I would tell you that I got the best happy mail from Kristen this week.  She is such a good friend.  I am blessed to have her in my life, as well.  You know how you have that one person who reads your blog, comments on every post and then you start emailing which turns into texting... 
I used to think that those people were just from my blog life...but I have realized that a lot of the people I have met in bloggy-land have become some of my closest confidants and sister-friends.  So thank you Kristen for being that to me.
If I had the pleasure of having coffee with you "for realz",
I would tell you that I'm pretty excited about the giveaway I'm co-sponsoring today with JeNeal and Erica.  JeNeal will be launching her shop, Monster & Me, in February.  To celebrate, the three of us will be giving some pretty cool stuff away.  I'm giving a 200x200 ad space and a *surprise* gift!
Go enter!  I would if I could!
You know what else I would tell you if we were having coffee?
I'd say to look at those images on the side over there on this here post.  All of them "spoke" to me.  I hope they speak to you in some way or form as well.
You are Beautiful
You are Strong
You Can Do All Things
I see that my cup is almost know what that means?
Serve myself another cup!
I'm not ready to let you go just yet.
If we were still having coffee together,
I would tell you that I started reading Redeeming Love last night.  The only reason I put it down was that it was close to midnight and I have work today.  I've heard a lot of good things about this one, so I'm excited. 
I have noticed that my way of feeling closer to His Word is to read...
I'm in between finishing Everyday a Friday, starting Redeeming Love and Your Best Life Now...
yes, I've become a fan of Joel Osteen
He just says everything the way I need to hear it. 
I know, I have stuff to do - places to go!
Just one more sip, k?
Since our coffee date is ending and before you go, I feel the need to share something I wrote to myself the other night -
Dear Nay,
This week has been full of a lot of doubt for you.  You need to let go of the negative thoughts that want to bombard you and let in all the good stuff.
I promise that if you just take care of you and your insides - physically, emotionally, spritually - you'll feel so much better as a woman, wife, mommy...
I know that you think that stuff is weird sometimes, but don't complain about them.  Instead, tell your friends that you need prayer.  You don't even have to be specific.  God knows what you need.
Stop making your own path - it has already been mapped out.
I don't know why you keep fighting that path!
You know, in that little pit in your stomach, that what's missing isn't everyone else - it's you.
Be confident.
Be who you are when nobody's looking.
You can do all things, remember?
Start believing it.
{Now let these great readers get on with their day.}
Love you.
Always, Nay
Thanks for sitting at your little comfy place and sharing this time with me.
Have an awesome Friday!
See you on Monday!
Want another cup?
Go visit my girl, Alissa -
Rags to Stitches
How about more letter reading?
Ashley always has good ones -
Yes, I'm all over the place this week:)
This is my favorite post of the week -
go see other bloggers' favorites:)
and I have to remind you just one more time...
Go enter the giveaway at
You never know!
You might win:)


  1. I think I need to do this Days of Self Love thing! It sounds like a great idea!


  2. You are such an incredible woman. I love the images you selected. I love that we have built our friendship around mutual support and love. And I love you! Glad I get to share in the love fest with you today, and I hope that you and the fam have an excellent weekend =).

  3. Stopping by from coffee date! Love the quotes you have for this.. The Self love thing is awesome! Glad you linked up!

  4. Hello!
    Love the pics you post!
    inspiring :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    please let me know :)


  5. I love this post, it rolls along beautifully. Glad you're finding your healthy place. You must feel better for it.


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