Coffee Time!

my version of a "selfie" - lol
Yup, that's me.
That's me thrilled, actually:)
It's Friday.
The end of the week.
The day I get to have coffee with you.

I just made this for you.
I didn't know if you took cream and sugar...
but I'm sure you'll make yourself at home and doctor it up any way you want:)

So, it's Friday!

Do you have any plans this weekend?
We'll be hanging out with my parents.
I don't know what we'll do, but I'm sure it'll be nice.
Just having them here from Lima this past month has been a treat.
Oh, I know!
I'll see if my dad will cook something yummy.
I think I'll ask him to make the Spanish Omelet he makes...
Oh mouth is watering.
{Maybe I'll see if he'll give me the recipe so I can share it with you}

And this weekend, I definitely need to take Christmas down.
We usually take it down on the 6th, but it was my hubby's birthday last weekend.
And you know how that goes.

Do you work out?
I have been.
Boy, does my butt hurt this week!
I've been doing the Jillian Michaels' Revolution and it is kickin' my bootie {literally}.
We have stairs in our home and I just cringe every time I have to go up those things.
Picture me saying "ow" every time I take a step.
{Yes, you can laugh.}

On Monday, I'll be registering for Spring term...
Please wish me luck (and pray) that I
1) get the classes I want
(not wait listed)
2) that I qualify for some sort of financial aid by then
(it's taking forever to find out if I qualified!)

I see that this is turning out to be one of my rambling sessions again.
I'm so happy that you don't mind me being a chatterbox.

I did!
Maybe we'll get matched up - that would be rad!

Want some more café?
Go get another serving with the other chickees linking up with Alissa today.

Have a great weekend!
See you Monday:)

ps: I still have a few spots available for the free button swaps (hint hint)


  1. Oh how I need to get back on the work-out-wagon! I have really been bad these past few months. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my place for coffee. Hope that you enjoyed your stay. I to am very excited that it is friday too but i had the day off work today for a funeral and then it ended up storming and i got stuck at my moms for the day. so i have been crocheting and she is working on quilting the baby quilt she is making for her first grandbaby which also happens to be the sweet bebe in my womb!

    have a great weekend!

  3. We need to take Christmas down at my house too...behind schedule! Hope you have a great weekend :)


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