Do All Things

Yesterday, I did something that scared me a bit.
At first.
I registered for my next term at college.
Three Classes.
Four Nights a Week.
2-3 Hours a Night.
I clicked the "register for this class" button three times 
and each time there was this little voice,
"Are you crazy?  How are you going to do three classes?
You really think you're going to keep that 4.0? Yeah right..."
But I clicked that button anyway.
I'm a wife, momma, full-time out-of-the-home employee, and college student.
It's only three classes.
My hubby said last night {as I was freaking out a bit},
"You can do all things, remember?  It's your time, babe."
He's right.
Of course, he is.
He gave me the words I needed to hear.
That it was okay and that we are here for each other.
That HE has my back. 
It's going to be a hard sememster.  I know that.
But knowing is half the battle...
{lol - G. I. Joe, baby...}
And I can do this!
Not only does my hubby thinks so, but deep down...
I know so.
Philippians 4:13, loveys.


  1. it will be tough. but if you plan your time. plan your battle. set priorities. and allow some things to take a back seat (chores that can wait!) you'll be fine.

    that's my voice of experience. I managed. and I didn't have a husband who had my back. I was single. sigh. Thank goodness for husbands!

  2. I'm not going to lie, 3 classes when you are working full time is hard. There will be days that you are totally overwhelmed. But if you know in your heart that the life you are creating is worth all of this struggle, you will do just fine.

  3. Best of luck - you can do it!!!

  4. Wishing you the best with your classes! You will be that much closer to being done, which is the best feeling :) Just remember, it is only 4 1/2 months!

  5. Way to go Hubby for being so supportive! And when you feel like you are stressing out over it, know we'll be here to help pick you back up!

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  6. That is awesome Nay. The best part is how supportive your hubs is. That is priceless. A supportive spouse will make you go farther and accomplish more than you ever could. And I'm all for quoting G.I. Joe.


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