do. not. mess. with. the. ROUTINE!

Wake up.
Shower, dress, get dressed again because you can't figure out what to wear.
Go to kitchen.
Make oatmeal.  Let it sit for a while because it's too hot.
Dry hair and make it look cute.
Put make-up on and maybe try eye shadow today?
Back to the kitchen.
Start eating oatmeal while making hubby coffee.
Go upstairs and wake up hubby.
Set kids school clothes out and turn their lights on so they start waking up.
Go back to kitchen.
Make everyone's work and school lunches.
Make kids' breakfasts while finishing your oatmeal.
Yell for kids to come downstairs to eat breakfast.
Finish breakfast and making lunches while hubby comes downstairs and kids finish breakfast.
Rush kids to the car, grab all the lunches and to-go coffees.
Drop kids off at school.
Hubby drops me off at work.
And that's just my morning.
My after-work routine? That's another post altogether - ha!
But it's my routine...and if all those things don't happen in that order every weekday morning -
can you say Nervous Breakdown?
Or, which is actually worse, things start going wrong.
Terribly wrong...
Like yesterday...the water heater at home "broke".
So I took a cold (think piercing cold) shower the night before (so I wouldn't have to go through it in the morning) and put my alarm on 15 mins later than usual.
All hell went loose, loveys!
It took me 30 minutes to figure out what to wear.
The grounds in the coffee maker were in the in, the coffee was actually coffee-colored water with grounds in it.
Then...third :(
I got to work 5 minutes late which forgot I had the second part of that workshop I did last week.
Which meant I wouldn't have time to "write" during my regular scheduled time.
Which meant all the work I thought I'd get done in the morning...not done until after lunch.
I strive for my routine.
I am a way nicer Nay when I'm on my routine.
If you love me, you know me and you know this.
My hubby knows not to come downstairs until I've gone up to get him.
I'll growl at him if he messes with the routine.
No, really...I actually growl.
Some may call it a tad bit OCD-ish.
Nah...I call it normal.
Are you a routine person?
Or is the spur-of-the-moments-coming-at-you deal your thing?


  1. I'm not a routine person at all. I'm afraid if I start one, I will be just as OCD about it! Lol!


  2. Everything has a procedure and a routine in my world, and it amuses Ammon, because he is much more of a fly by the seat of your pants person. He keeps me more normal sometimes

  3. I sure am, puppy out, puppy in,feed puppy, drink tea, computer,shower, computer, read lists ( I'm a list maker) accomplish some of the lists...giggle. I invite you to share this post at my Thursday hop ( its still open today) Hugs

  4. I am so a routine person too, and if something is out of the ordinary it turns into a big mess!


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