I'm a little sick

Today is a sick day.
I was coughing, sneezing, sniffling all day yesterday while popping the Dayquil, Vitamin C, and drinking tea.
I thought I had put one over on the sickies - I could beat this thing!
Well, I had another thing coming, let me tell you.

Last night...oh boy, last night was terrible.
I was coughing up a lung...so congested that I had to sit in my steamed up bathroom to breathe.
Yeah, it was really pretty.
Then I was hot and cold, and cold and hot.
Pure joy, I tell ya.
I just wanted to sleep.
And finally, I did.
Passed out cold.

My alarm woke me up this morning and I was just too exhausted to go in today.
Not stuffy anymore - just well, achey and coughing.
I just need this one day to rest.

And pray.
After the hubby and kids left for their day, I posted a prayer request on Instagram.
I asked for prayer.
For this to just last today so that I could go back to work tomorrow.
So that I cold be normal again.

I feel those prayers.
Thank you.

So although I'm sitting here in bed...
I'm snuggled up in my blankets with my stuffed unicorn that my daughter left me to 
"keep you company, mommy" and taking a minute to blog about it.

You know why?
I want to show you that although I'm not 100% physically, 
my faith and spirit is at 1000%.

I'm going to take a nap.
Get better.
Get back to Me.




  1. I know you are resting lots, eating tons of soup, and practicing good self-care, so I have full faith that you will be yourself again in no time! Hang in there, and be good to yourself in all ways =)

  2. May God's healing touch restore the blessing of good health to you xo P.S. mentioned you at Katherines Corner today :-)


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