It's so much BETTER!

Remember how everyone was picking their "one word" when New Year's hit?
And how I said that I wasn't going to do a "new year's resolution"?
Well, {nervous laugh}
...turns out I did without really trying.
 It seems that
while I didn't want to set myself up to fail by starting a resolution
or not following through with the one word...
I did just that.
That word, the one I didn't want do, came to me this morning.
31 days later...
{pretty typical for me since I'm a big-time procrastinator...and, yeah, I know...He has it all mapped out - duh!}
And that word you ask?
Because if I think about, really think about it...
I have been striving to be better since this first of the year {maybe even a little before that}
I've been better at exercising
Eating better {chocolate? what's that?}
Making better use of my time
Knowing when it's better to stay silent
Making better decisions in every aspect of my life
That it's better to write when I feel "it" than when I don't
Just being better in all I do for myself
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm learning it all slowly
And it's easier everyday to be
better loving myself
...being confident
...taking care of me
I'm definitely better than yesterday!
or the day before that...or the day before that...
I like how things turn out sometimes....well, a lot of the time.
{Who am I kidding?}
Today is the last day of the #31daysofselflove project I was doing on instagram
It's been so empowering and I'm a little sad that it's over.
Thank you Kristen & Andrea for being there with me on that great journey.
We did it!
Linking up with one of my faves:
Thanks Amanda...for everything.
A Royal Daughter


  1. I think it's better when these things just come to you, instead of trying to force them just so you can "start" on a given date. And you are doing a fantastic job of being better!

    Don't worry, I totally have something up my sleeve for February...

  2. That is amazing, maybe I need to quit with the resolutions too!

  3. I needed this quote today. THANK YOU!


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