Let's be In-Credible!

I went to a workshop yesterday.
I go to them fairly often in my professional life -
- it's the part of my life that isn't blogging, wife-ing, mommy-ing.

I get opportunities to attend great workshops that build me into a better employee.
I am very grateful for them.
The lessons I learn pretty much always can be translated into other parts of my life.

So yesterday's workshop was no different.
I came away with something that I want to build in myself and teach my kids.

That something is Credibility.
Simply stated:
I know this concept seems pretty easy, right?
But the moment you lose it {that credibility}, all bets are off.
Credibility is that ability to have people trust you
because the words you say and the actions you make reflect each other.
Your Actions = Your Words
It's easy to not do it...and most times you wouldn't even notice that you aren't doing it.

"I'll call you tonight."
You don't.
"I'll bring you that book tomorrow."
You forget.
A lot of the time you don't do it on purpose.  Life gets in the way.
But it made me think...
Are the people I forget to follow through with being let down?
Am I letting my kids down when I'm saying to them,
"I'm sorry baby. 
I know I told you we'd do that tonight - but can we color tomorrow? 
Mommy's busy, k?"
I worry that I'm teaching them that...
The "oh they won't mind" or "they'll understand" attitude.
So, after yesterday, I decided.
I need to make that change in me first.
If I can't do something, I won't say I will.
I won't say what I don't mean.
I'll start...and not just at work.
All facets of my life will be effected.
I want to be credible.
In-credible even:)
Because when we follow through
and are consistent, confident,
and say what we mean and do it...
We are an example.
Isn't that what's most important?
Be an example.
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  1. Yes!!! Work in progress for this momma that cant say no, but def something i want to instill in the girls. Teach my example :)

  2. Huh. I guess I've never thought of it that way. Those professional developmental people sure know how to spin things in a new light, huh?


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