WIWW: Two for the Price of One:)

Happy Wednesday!
Before I start...
Thanks so very much for all the "get well" wishes and "feel better" prayers.
I'm up to 85% better.
Better enough that I was able to go to work today!
In other words, pretty much near normal.
I was feeling so much better today that I thought....
Oh heck! Why not?
I'll show them how I look today...
{side note:  this is way out of my comfort zone -
but you have to kick your fears to the curb sometimes!}
Scarf:  Got it at one of those vendors for $10 in LV / Shoes & Slacks:  Macy's
Cardigan:  hand-me-down / Earrings:  gift / Sunglasses:  also Macy's
Aren't you thrilled?
{okay...pretend to be thrilled...}
I felt really nice today - put together - confident....
Way better than yesterday!
I have had a lot of compliments on the scarf, too.
Yellow just makes you feel cheery, don'tcha think?

As I was putting this post together,
my sis-in-law ("lil sis", remember?) sent me some outfits she wore in the last few days.
So you know I had to share them, right?
Adorable girl, I tell ya!
I really like the teal shirt outfit the best:)

Can you tell she has the posing down for this kinda thing?
{and the lighting is way better...}

I, on the other hand, will be practicing a tad more:)

I know you like the iPhone shot through the car window though.

What are you wearing?
{I ask that in the most un-creepy way possible}
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  1. i'm wearing pajamas...the same ones i wore yesterday. lol...the life of a stay-at-home mom, i tell ya

  2. I love that you wore yellow... such a cheerful color to brighten your mood! People would hate my outfit posts... I wear dress pants, a camisole, and a cardigan pretty much every day. It's like a uniform, without having a uniform.

    But you, dah-ling, are fabulous. And put-together. And I still have my work clothes on and I'm home, so I'm gonna go slip into jammies. Love ya!


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