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Good Morning Friends!
So you know that friend that you've know forever?
That girl that you can't remember the first time you met because she's always been there?
The one that your parents are best friends?
The one where there a photos of you with her in diapers?
Yeah, that one:)
Well "my girl since foreva" is Alicia...
Alicia and I have been friends since we were in our momma's wombs.
We have had very different life paths but always have kept our friendship through the years.
We have been doing a lot of emailing lately since she lives way too far to just come over and chat.
In our little emails of "hey you!" and "how goes it?", we share about our kids, husbands, and careers.
In her case, she has opened a pretty nifty online boutique and I wanted to tell you all about it.
Say Hi to Alicia!
"You could say I am a little mixed up, I'm half Argentine, half Venezuelan and have lived in many different cities that start with the letter B.
I put together the Little Citizens Boutique collection for families that enjoy more than one culture: explorers, migrants, expats, multilingual, nomads... usually that also means families who want less big brands and more creativity in their lives. Mixed up and curious families like mine.
My hope is that children can enjoy their innocence being surrounded by the best ideas that exist on the planet, blurring borders, without prejudice and be filled with curiosity and wonder for all sundry. When you think of your own childhood a hazy memory of textures and details were impressed on you, it is timeless, so more merino and less plastic please for the little citizens of the world!"

little citizens boutique!
{taken from Good Web Guide's review}
Little Citizens Boutique supplies families with exclusive clothes and hard-to-find childhood paraphernalia that possess that extra something. With a unique story behind each product, every single imaginative design is specifically made to endorse your children's learning and boost their imagination - and what's more, it's all eco-friendly.
Founder, Alicia Peyrano is of both Venezuelan and Argentine heritage and lives in London with her family; it was when these two vital aspects of her life came together that she found the inspiration to set up this outstanding kids' store. Peyrano's worldly background has gifted her with an expert eye, ensuring there are always interesting products added to the site's impeccable inventory - it's an eclectic mix for the in-the-know family with an impressive selection of girl's clothing, things for boys and toys too.
story-telling brands
It's hard to pick Little Citizens Boutique's best feature (there are just so many!), but if we had to choose just one of the site's many pros, in unison we'd raise our hands for the awe-inspiring stories behind the brands. So many e-commerce sites nowadays offer us a bit of the designer's background - but Little Citizens Boutique takes its brands' stories to another dimension. The story behind Petit Pan is an all-time favourite - the tale of when a Chinese kite maker met a Frenchman…
future heritage
Little Citizens Boutique got the memo on long-lasting clothes,adorable accessories and shoes, durable toys - and sustainable sourcing. The company follows its own Fair Trade ethic, making sure that all its products are sustainable and in it for the long haul. "More morino and less plastic" is Peyrano's rule of thumb when deciding which new toys get to go up for sale on the LCB site. We love her for that, because it means that even through the wear and tear of everyday use, the toys and clothes from Little Citizens Boutique are so well-checked for quality that there's no need to fear; they'll hold their own against the teeth of time beyond doubt. These are family heirlooms in the making.
little ‘zine
What's more - as if the actual store wasn't enough to inspire us and the kiddies for the  foreseeable future, there is more creativity-sparking content online. Just click the Newsletter tab, and you'll be transported into an enchanted bubble of all things wonderful. The newsletters are updated regularly and always cover a different subject, and each one is bursting with creativity and inspirational material. We adore the Meet the Designer editions, which features the designers behind the very brands available on the LCB - and we even get to look at photos of their studios and work desks.
to summarise…
Little Citizens Boutique knows what we want, and gives it to us. Sustainable, timeless, and unique toys and clothes that will inspire creativity and spark imagination in your loved little ones and yourself.
Doesn't her shop sound great?!
You know what's even better?
Not only is she going to be gracing my sidebar as coffee-n-ink's honorary sponsor,
she's giving you all a little somethin' somethin'!
Now through March 16th, use
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So head on over to  little citizens boutique 
{All photos taken from little citizens boutique.  This is an unpaid sponsored post.}