It's About Time - That's Why!

Some might call it confidence.
Others will call it good self-esteem.

I always thought it would look like I'm full of myself.

But now...
Now I'm thinking
It's About Time!
Lately I've been taking more "selfies".
I'm even putting photos of myself on instagram and on this blog.
It's totally out of my comfort zone - weird for me.
Why do I think that's weird?

I never would have done that in the past.
I didn't think I was pretty enough
I thought people would think I was thinking I was hot stuff or something
and that clearly I wasn't.

Someone else was always prettier or more stylish.

But, loveys, as I've told you before -
things have changed up in here!

I have figured out (finally!)
that I'm better than all that mess of negativity.
I'm worthy.
I'm enough.
I'm a hot mama!

I think it started when I did the #31daysofselflove last month...
but, really, it started when I started taking care of myself.
It started when I stopped thinking of what everyone else thought.
It started when I said to myself that
I was better than that.
I've still got it.
I always had it, by the way.
It's just that somewhere along the way - it got lost.
I could blame it on having kids.
I could blame it on the "who cares? I'm married now.  I don't have to try so hard."
But was just the picture in my mind of what I thought
beautiful was.

Now instead of looking in others for what I'm lacking -
I'm trying every. single. day. to see at least one thing about myself that's
my favorite.

And my conclusion after all of these mornings of looking at myself
and not looking for flaws?
I'm my favorite.

He broke the mold when He made me.

And I feel awesome about that.
How does this effect you?
I want you to feel the same way about yourself.

Try this...
{trust me on this}

Every morning
pick one thing about you that you think is pretty darn awesome.
Remember it all day long.
And keep remembering it.
And you don't have to pick just one thing!
That's the best part...

Because it matters.

And more importantly...
We Matter.
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  1. Youre freaking ADORABLE. I love this post so much! Work it girl! :)

  2. I LOVE this post! Major High five lady!!!
    This is the best place to be in for sure!
    The very wise lady that I talk to these days tells me that when I'm having negative self thoughts I need to ask myself would I stand behind anyone else and hit them with a stick? no...then when am I doing that to myself! SO SMART right?!? :)
    Keep up the good work beautiful lady!

  3. Awesome post and I will be taking some of your advice because my self esteem has been down lately. But, I will and can change that!!

  4. Love this post Nay. You go girl! Visiting from Desire to Inspire.

  5. I've had more photos taken of myself since i started blogging too. Not because I'm gorgeous or anything. But because I am relearning to be comfortable with who I am. Great post.=)

  6. I need to do this more. Most of the photos I take of me (or allow my husband to use my camera and take of me) are with my son. A women with a preschooler can't be THAT old can she? And I usually try to place him in front of me so I hide my body. negative self talk, gotta let it go.

  7. My favorite thing about me is that I showered today... really I did ;) I miss you my Nay, you rock!

  8. Do I have to say it? Do I?


    Well, I'll say it anyway, hot stuff. You inspire me every day. And every day, I feel blessed to have you in my life. And I am so proud of you for starting this journey.

  9. I think you are a superstar, beautiful and a bit silly too. A wonderful combination of being you. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo


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