Pin-spiration Anyone?

I was walking by someone today and she said,
"Good Morning, Gorgeous."
I just smiled and said,
Then I walked to where I was going and on my way back up the aisle, she said,
"You have this glow today.  You look so happy..."
I wanted to cry after she said that.
Isn't that weird?
It wasn't because of the sweet words she said to me...
It was because I wasn't feeling that great this morning.
I don't know why but I've been on the verge of tears since I left the house this morning.
But those words
Those words were said through my friend from Someone who knew I needed it.
I truly believe that when you need it, you receive it from Him.
Thank you up there -
You know what's in my heart
and I thank You for giving me some peace this morning.
I'm not going to stay on this subject...I promise.
I'm moving on from the negativity and going straight to the Joy.
So onto new and better things!
And what better way to do that than a link up, right?
I'm switching things up today and need to pass on the coffee date this week.
{I know you won't mind - love ya...}
Instead I'm going to show you some pinterest-ing inspiration, k?!
All of these images can be found on my pinterest boards.
{I was having the worst trouble putting the html code together - that I gave up!
Sorry for not providing sources...}
Let me know if you link up with
Loves on a Thursday 
I'd love to see your "pin-spirations"!
{link up ends on Saturday!}

Have a good weekend
{and thanks for always listening and be there}


  1. I think I would have teared up too!! What a lovely and totally unexpected thing to say to someone :) thanks so much for linking up with us! I am a huge sucker for inspirational words!!

  2. You always find the sweetest, most thought provoking, cute pins Miss Nay. I'm glad that you are receiving the love you need most today, and that you are accepting that love as it comes to you. Have a great weekend, lovey!

  3. Aw, I love the one about dreaming bigger! So very true!


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