Take Time

Source: flickr.com via Renee on Pinterest
When I found this photo on pinterest, it wasn't because of the photo per se...

It was because of the caption:
"El tiempo está en mis manos"
{Time is in my hands...}
It was just another reminder that I need to take control of my time.
I know I keep talking about this - that I'm going to be full-time working and full-time schooling this semester - but I think I just need to say it out loud so that I know I can do it.
I need to take control of the time I have.
Wake up early and go to sleep late.
Use all the minutes and hours to its fullest.
This is a wonderful time in my life.
This is the time that I can live my heavenly verse:
I Can Do All Things
I just want to make sure that I can do it.
I want to make sure I make time for everything and everyone in my life.
I don't want to feel guilty that I'm doing things for me right now.
I keep telling myself, though, that I'm not only doing it for me.
I'm doing it for her.
Well actually for us.
For the girl I was and the girl I'm raising.
For the little girl I used to be that didn't have the strength to stand up for herself.
For the little girl, my daughter, who I want to be an example to.
I need to take the time to get everything right because I want my daughter to know that she
can do all things
because I can and will.
I'm not getting this degree for more money or a new career.
I'm doing this for Lovebug.
So that when she's a momma, she can say and show her future children that it is possible.
That it doesn't matter how long it takes or when you start
That it matters
That she matters
That I knew I could do it
So she'll be able to take on any obstacle.
Anything that stands in our way.
My love for her
The time I'll be away
The time when I'll be so busy
I'll keep telling her (and, yes, her lil bro, too)
"My time will never be too busy for you, my darling. 
I am making myself better so that your standards will be high. 
I am doing this for you...for me...for Daddy.
I can do it and you will too."
I'll just make sure I say it to myself, too.


  1. You CAN do it! My mom waited til we were grown to go back to school. She is pretty successful, in my opinion. And she showed me that it's never too late. Lovebug will see it, too.

  2. You can do it, you are doing it. Breathe deep and keep on trucking.

  3. Oh you so got this! Your reasons and heart sound ready and excited. How awesome!


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