through music

When I need to be uplifted
When I need to be redeemed
When I need a good cry
When I want to remember
When I need to be distracted
When I want to feel
Music gives.
Much like prayer, music is my healing.
Music is my language.
When I was a love-struck teenager, I had a notebook filled with song lyrics.
Later, I made mixtapes.
Much later, I dedicated songs to people in my life.
Now I'll hear a song and it's like I'm right back in that place...
Good or bad.
I sing to my husband.
I hum all the time.
I hum songs to put the kids to sleep every night.
Music is also my favorite form of worship.
When I need to feel closer to Him or need guidance, I turn to songs of worship.
I did just that this morning as soon as I sat down at the office.
And now I don't feel as overwhelmed.
I feel better.
I am in peace again.
Music is my lifeline, I suppose.
Music and Writing.
Yes...that's pretty much what makes me happy.
Oh, wait...
Coffee is very important.
You know the simple things in life.
Oh and I'd love to know...
What song(s) just do it for you?