When there are no words...

When I write for my blog - this space that I am so very fond of -
I do not prepare posts ahead of time.
{I just lied - I only prepare when someone is guest posting at my place...}
I write what I am thinking about the morning of the post.
I usually get the thoughts & ideas for a post the night before as I lay my head on my pillow
{and then rapidly text myself the idea(s)}
during my morning workout
in the shower
{the best idea place, by the way...am I right?!}
on my drive into work with the hubby.
{a lot of the convos my hubby and I have become posts - he just loves that - lol}
But today -
This phrase keeps screaming at me all morning...
I have no words for all the thoughts running through my head.
I could just free-write or brain purge on here, but that would just be rambles.
And rambles that aren't funny are, well...
"But wait...," I say to myself...{yes I talk to myself - and answer back btw}
"Isn't this post just a ramble {and not that funny...}???"
Yes...it is, isn't it?
But you know what one of my thoughts is?
{this thought by the way just slapped me upside my head}
This is one of the only places that I can be ME.
This blog is where I can write whatever I choose and not judge myself.
It's the place that I get to talk to my friends {you, lovey!} and say
what is on my mind
in my heart...
And one of those things is what this news report says.
It talks about a gunman that was at my college last night.
It talks about that person on campus while I was in Math class.
{and while my hubby and kids were purchasing my books at the college bookstore}
But it doesn't talk about how I felt when I heard about the gunman.
It doesn't say that I felt His Presence while I rushed out of class and saw my hubby and kids waiting for me outside the classroom.
It doesn't say how relieved I was that we were together
and how thankful I was that no one that night was hurt.
It doesn't say much, really.
And although I supposedly didn't have a lot of words today,
my thoughts were loud and clear.
I'm thankful.
I'm pleased.
I'm here.
A Royal Daughter


  1. omg, how scary! Thank God you are alright!

  2. That is terrifying. I am so glad that you and your family were unharmed. We have been in some scary situations lately that I can't openly talk about, because they are work related. But I understand entirely. There is such a sense of violation. Such a sense of worry. Such a sense of gratitude that God was watching over all of you. But how do you write that so that anyone who hasn't been through it before can comprehend?

  3. Oh my word that is so dang scary Nay! Thank the Lord that you are all safe. I cannot even begin to imagine all the mix of emotions thats for sure.

    And for the record, I love the way you write. It is you, from you, and not like anyone else. So keep doing exactly what you are doing. xo


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