Wonderful Weekend & Hello Out There!

Hello there Sunshine!
How are you on this wonderful morning?
I'm feeling good...
The effects of a really good weekend.
Take a look!
Hello Elevate Blog Conference 2013!
I didn't think I was going to be able to go this year!
To say that I was saddened was an understatement...but on Saturday, it happened!
I was able to buy a ticket - one of the last five tickets, by the way -phew!
As soon as it was purchased, I felt this sense of relief.
I had such an uplifting time last year with all the bloggers that went.
I formed friendships with these women...and I'm excited to meet all the new girls going.
Hello Beautiful Beach Day Saturday!
We woke up Saturday morning and the first thing the kids asked was,
"Can we go to the beach?!"
We love going to the beach and if it's in the 70s on a "California Winter" day...why not, right?
Just walking up and down the bike paths while the kids scooter around is nice.
The kids love it and we do, too.  Holding hands and just taking it all in.
On top of that, we were stopped dead in our tracks by that beauty of a sunset.
The sky was pink - I mean PINK, loveys!
The most gorgeous sunset I had seen in a long time.
Perfect ending to a perfect day.

Hello Free Frozen Yogurt Sunday!
I was cleaning out the wallet on Sunday and Bam!
Not one, but two "free 10 oz." coupons to our local Fro Yo joint!
Awesomeness...and really yummy, too.
My hubby and son shared one - my "Little Love" gets a kick out of the divider.
My daughter got some chocolate goodness with watermelon...
And Mommy?  The works!  I didn't hold back:)
Hello Happy Kids and Hot Hubby...
Stopped at Target to get a hot dog...
Photo opportunity!
See that cutie in the background at the counter?
Yup, that's the hubs...
Love that man.
Little Love had no idea that Lovebug was "bunny-earing" him.
Gotta love siblings, right?

Hello Baking-Some-Love Mama!
I got the baking bug last night.
Blueberry muffins and Chocolate Bundt Cake...thank you very much!
It's the way I give love to my little family.
And it makes the home smell pretty darn good too:)

and a little jumpstart to my week...

Hello Monday Morning Workout!

I saw this pin on Friday night and
yup, that pretty much sums up why I woke up at 5am this morning.
I figure if I start working out in the morning, I can get it out of the way.
And with school starting in a couple of weeks and having them all be night classes, I need to start conditioning myself to wake up earlier to fit everything in.
Discipline, loveys!

How was your weekend?
What have you been up to lately?
What will you say "Hello" to today?!
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  1. That is an awful lot of yummy, Nay! And that sunset is pretty darn spectacular.

  2. Hey there! Man... the sky looks amazing! And jealous you got free fro yo.... Looks like you had an eventful weekend! :)

  3. You're going to Elevate!!! Have a wonderful time! I wish I was going so we could swap hugs!


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