Wow...on every level {coffee time, loveys!}

Just wow!
That's how I feel this morning:)
It's one of those..."Wow! How cool is that?!"-kinda mornings.
Let me tell you the story over a cup of coffee...
Every weekday morning, pretty much without fail, I brew coffee at home for my hubby and I.
Except this morning...
I ran out of coffee grounds.
So we decided that we'd sacrifice ourselves and have Starbucks. 
{lol, I know - oh, the torture! ha!}
I went up to the counter and ordered the hubby a grande drip and I got some new Venti Clover coffee thing.
You know what else I did as the barista was totalling the bill up?
I asked the person behind me what she wanted.
She was in a bit of shock I think...but she said she'd love a shot of espresso over ice.
I just smiled at her and said, "pay it forward and have a beautiful day!"
It felt so great, loveys!
I don't think I've ever done that before...I just felt an overwhelming desire to do it and I'm thrilled I did.
The story isn't over though!
When I get to the office, my co-worker gives me a Venti Caramel Macchiato!
I hadn't touched my Venti Clover drink, so I gave it to another co-worker:)
A truly amazing Pay It Forward/Starbucks/Feel Awesome-kind of morning.
I feel so great right now.
{big smile}
Since you are still nursing that coffee cup, let me top it off a little...
But I also wanted to tell you how last night
  - as I was sitting in English class -
I had a little bit of a stress attack (I think).
I should explain, right?
It's not a good sign when as soon as the teacher walks in to the classroom, he starts writing homework on the board.
And I'm not talking about, "oh, just read a little before next class"...
Oh no, loveys...I mean read
6 poems
Answer questions on the poems
Read 15-some pages from the textbook
Fill out a Student Profile Worksheet
Now, that isn't a lot
...if I didn't already have Math homework.
{The Math instructor actually said, "I hope you guys don't work full-time because I assign a lot of homework." WHAT!?}
And I haven't even had my Tuesday History class yet.  The History class that assigned not one book, but TWO BOOKS for the class.
Okay, hold on for a sec...
I need to breathe.
See what I mean about the Stress Attack?
What have I gotten myself into?
But it's going to be okay, right?
Tell me it's going to be okay.
Yes, I just have to laugh.
Want a refill?
{Jeez, you're drinking that coffee fast...}
Just wanted to tell you that I'm giving away 3 months of free ad space at
(three more days to enter some fab stuff)
and at
for her blog anniversary!
(it just started today)
I know I've kind of bounced from one thing to another today,
but I have just. one. more. thing. to say:
Thank you.
For coming to this space.
For hearing me rant.
For reading my highs...and lows.
For just coming back to this space.
Source: via Kendall on Pinterest
Happy Friday, loveys!
Have a wonderful weekend & thanks for the coffee-induced chat.
{and super-long post -oops!}
Still want more coffee? Really?!
{Wow, you really are guzzling it down today, aren't ya?}
Go see Alissa - she has the best coffee this side of Blogland.
{liked that, huh?}


  1. LOVE the pay it forward story.Sounds a little overwhelming on the school front... Hopefully it isn't as bad as it seems... maybe?

    What is this new clover coffee you speak of? I heart coffee

    ((stopping by from the link up))

  2. ughhhhh homework. i can't wait to go back to school. it's on my bucket list. but working full time, being a mommy and homework. not sure how that's gonna work. love all your starbucks pif love. :)

  3. aww... I love the whole Starbucks story :) Stopping by from the linkup

  4. YUMMMmmmmy I LOVE Starbucks nuff said

  5. and starbucks has a way of warming the heart! oddly enough I just made myself a french press and needed a refill by the end of your post :) it is better to give that receive they always say! what an encouraging boost - to take the time to "see" someone else.

  6. Awe girl! Glad you got a smile to start your day. I can totally relate to the homework, I'm in college too, as a mom. What are you going for?

  7. I want to be behind you in the Starbucks line every day. I think in June I'm going to convince you and your sweet husband to move here. You will love it. And then we can always have good coffee karma, and the loves will almost be old enough to start babysitting my first kid when he/she enters the world in 15-24 months (from now). And also, we could record fun coffee date vlogs together. Although they might turn into Margarita date vlogs, because we'd be recording them after work.

    None of that really made any sense.

  8. What an awesome post - how great to "pay it forward" and treat someone to coffee, and to be gifted coffee yourself, what a great morning! Hang in there with the homework, you'll find your groove :)

  9. That is some awesome paying it forward. So great! And for some reason I laughed a lot reading this post, perhaps because I had just refilled my coffee. Yet again. You rock Nay.


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