Crushin' Again - Blogger Style

{Yes, I know I just wrote a "crush-worthy" post yesterday, but trust me.  You'll be happy you read this post...}
I dedicate my Thursday post to three special bloggerettes:
Brooke - Megan - Kristen
You know Erin, right?
Well, today she has this link-up that asks to "share the love" by answering the simple question:
"Who is your blog crush?"
Well, darn it - I couldn't just pick one!
So I didn't.
I instantly knew who these special women were going to be, though.

My Dearest Brooke,
Your creativity...your photography...your overall warm attitude...
They fuel me, girlfriend.
And that's just through your blog.
Having you as a real true friend is my added bonus.
Why are Canada and California so far away each other?!
But you are always an email, text, and blog post away.

Oh my goodness woman...I have to read your posts everyday.  They always make me think, laugh, sometimes cry...but most of all, those posts always make me feel like I'm not alone in this world call "motherhood".
I'm so very thrilled that I'll be meeting you in May.  Expect a huge hug when I see you.
Yes, that was a warning.

Oh Kristen,
What can I say - It's like you dig into my brain at night and produce a blog post that is written just for me.  Your support for your readers goes beyond words, as well.
I still do a lil happy dance when I see your comments.
You make me happy to know you.
Thank you for inspiring me to be my best self.

Go visit these fabulous bloggerettes.
They're on my sidebar
over there ---->>>

Each of them will stick by you. 
- Through Thick & Thin -



  1. I love you. And your support in this bloggy world means a lot. I'd expect nothing less in May!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. How many ways can I find to tell you that you're my favorite and that I love you so, so, so much??? This friendship needs to be IRL, dang it. This emailing, texting, commenting thing is killing me already!

    Oh, and I just happy danced reading this. You do all these things for me too!

  3. What a great post! And I follow AbsoluteMommy in IG but thanks for the reminder and nudge to check out her blog! Off I go ... (happy friday xxoo)!


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