Dear Nay,

I think we need to have a little chit-chat.
So here goes:

Sometime you just have to
Even when it's the hardest thing to do.
Even when you thought you did everything you were supposed to but still didn't do your best.
Even though you did all your math homework and still only got a "73%" on your first test.
Even when you beat yourself up about it all night.
Sometimes it's not failure at all
It's just not your best work
It's picking yourself up the next morning
Getting a pep talk from your hubby
And starting over...
So that next time you don't waste your time being angry and frustrated and disappointed in yourself.
And you're not going to waste your time being angry.
That's not acceptable behavior.
You just get yourself up again and do better.
Do better every single time.
You will not be disappointed in yourself.
You will only push yourself to be the best version of yourself.
You always have to be your own worst enemy and that stops right now.
You need to be your BIGGEST fan.
And you know how you keep saying "How am I going to do it?"
And you know that already.
So go out there and do this!


  1. Love the "every minute you spend angry is 60 seconds you lose out on beig happy!!" So true and so good!! Hugs!

  2. Oh sweet friend you are so wise!! I talk to myself all.the.time. ;)

  3. The first test is always the worst. That's the one that lets you know exactly what to expect from the instructor. Don't worry, I know for a fact that it will get better!


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