hi lovey...how you doin'?

Happy Friday, Loveys...
How's your day been so far?

Mine started about a half hour before this pic...

I was so excited to have coffee this morning.
Friday Morning Coffee always tastes better!
Am I right?

But it took me a while to actually get to my first sip...
 and then ran out the door to start the day.

I don't know what the day has in store for me yet, but when this happens mid-morning...

...you know that if this is the best it's gonna get -
I'm not mad about it:)

Thursday night as I shared my walk to class with you on instagram, I was tired. 
Really just beat...
...but getting those encouraging comments throughout the night makes a girl happy.
So, thank you!

And while watching yet another VHS video on poetry in class last night...one of the poets said this 
 ...that little spoken phrase up on the video screen encouraged me...
And when that happens?
I create a little instagram love for ya...
{anything so I won't fall asleep in class, right? ha...}

And, oh my goodness, if I had known that taking a pic of my "paleta" (mexican ice cream bar) would be such a hit, I'd do it more often.
I love knowing that you like things that I do...

Are you on instagram?
I'd love to be friends on there, too.
You too?!
(just leave me your insta-handle in the comments!)
(it's the little things, I tell ya...)

Oh, and um...
Have I been living under a rock?
I was listening to JT on youtube this morning and happened to see that there was someone doing a cover of Suit+Tie...
So I take a listen...


Why is this the first time I hear the girl sing?!
Beautiful voice and  a good heart too (if you watched to the end about the foodbank/concert)...
Great combination:)
I've been listening to her all morning ...

Well that ends my Friday post -
Hope the rest of your day is happy
Have a wonderful weekend, loveys!
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  1. What a great cover!!! I love all your instagrams! That quote especially. Happy Friday!

  2. Friday coffee is the best... also, our 7-11 rolled out this skinny salted caramel mocha thingie, and it's Ah-mazing when you mix it in equal parts with black coffee. Just saying. It's sugar free-reduced calorie makes me hate life less goodness.

    I want all the cupcakes.

    Hope you and the family have a great weekend! It's blizzarding here, so I'll be thinking of you and the 75 degree weather you're having all day today.

  3. I want a cupcake! I just followed you on instagram! I'm @whoisnataliem :)

  4. YUM! Love your pics!

    Also, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award:



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