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hi friends...
my loveys, i have been terrible at stopping by and saying hi...
i've been thinking about you, though.
i took some photos on my phone to show you what i've been up to...

those up there? that was last week

- my favorite relaxing friday outfit that I sneaked a photo of in the office bathroom -
- calendaring my week out so i won't forget anything -
- my hubby surprising me with coffee and biscotti for my class snack -
{brownie points for him!}
- and sitting in class while the teacher read to us what he had assigned the week before -
{yes, he actually read the first hour of class - what the...?!}

saturday was so beautifully sunny and warm!
we headed out to the beach and...

- the hubs made me a pyramid 'cause i'm reading about them in history -
- my kids broke in their xmas gifts -
{and i snatched it for a bit and boogie-boarded my stress away!}
- auntie/godmama made her little love cupcakes for his bday -
{that and pizza with skyfall thrown in? awesome saturday nite!}
- daddy and little love bonding over airplane making at 11 o'clock at night -

this weekend was good

- i got to have yet another coffee treat from the hubby -
- we spent time being together and enjoying the lil cousin -
- and i got a lot of multi-tasking done -
{doesn't everybody study while they bake cookies?!}

i had been super-busy with school last week and i decided something

i'm not going to feel bad for not being on here everyday
i'm going to be here when i can
i know you are supportive of everything i am doing
and from the bottom of my heart:

{hashtag ♥ for ya!}


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