Need some of that...

 Hi lovey,
Pull up a chair and let's catch up...
Or because since I'm the chatterbox around here, I'll just talk and you can relax with some coffee.
Good idea?
So as you are sipping on that wonderfulness, let me tell you...
I am so very thrilled that it's Friday...
not because it's the start of the weekend
not because it's the last day of the work week
but because there's no class tonight after work!
Yes, I knew it was going to be a challenge to be a full-time employee/full-time student...
But, lovey, this girl's exhausted!
I am so very thankful to the hubby right now, though...
He is so supportive in this educational endeavour of mine.
And he is always telling me how proud he is of me.
It's nice to have a partner in life that is holds you up even when you don't think you can go on.
{Thank You Up There for picking a good husband for me!}
I don't know if I've mentioned it, probably not, but the family and I have been going to Mass every Sunday since Lent.
It makes me so happy that we are sitting in that pew every Sunday.
The kids like it a lot.
Since late last year, they have been going to an afterschool program on Wednesdays called Life Club.
It's a faith-based program and it is such a blessing to me.
We have always prayed and talked about God, but now I can see just how filled the kids are with everything they are learning.
Sometimes it's a bit daunting, though.
 I am not the smartest person in regards to the Bible or in the meaning of the verses within that Book.
This entire week the kids have been saying this verse:
so the other night, Lovebug (my daughter) ask me about it.
And I'm speechless...literally.
Oh my goodness, I didn't even know how to start to explain.
How do you teach your kids the meaning of bible verses?
How do I teach them what I don't know how to put in words?
And Lovebug wants to read the Bible...
but the one I have seems so hard to read for me - how am I going to explain it all...
I feel so stupid.
Oh boy...sorry about that moment up there.
It just got real over here, huh?
But you know what?
I have learned in this community of bloggers that I can put those thoughts out there.
I'm not the only one going through these things or that has gone through it.
Am I right?
Don't you feel that when you are reading through blog posts you get a bit of validation?
The "I'm not the only one!" moments?
I know that someone out there
- you, maybe -
will give me the words I need to hear
or tell me that you've gone through it too
or offer some advice
or just listen.
Because that's what friends are for...
even friends you've never met...
like you.
Happy Friday, lovey.
Thanks for the you+me time.
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  1. I think the first thing you should say when that beautiful little girl asks what something means is "Well, what do you think it means?" The great thing about religious texts is that they are a little vague and open-ended, giving us the opportunity to learn different things at different parts. I'm sure your sweet little girl has some incredible insights, and that this could be an amazing opportunity for the two of you to grow in your bond. So glad you have two amazing, wonderful, loving kids! They must take after their mom =)


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