shine bright like a diamond

And, this, my loveys, is why I keep going.
I'm that piece of charcoal right now.
And soon, so very soon, I will
shine bright like a diamond.
when all this homework, and exams, and the children are all grown up, and the finances are in order, and when...
What am I talking about?
I am not a piece of charcoal.
I'm already that diamond.
I shine so bright that people miles away are squinting.
I am a mother.
I am a wife.
I am a sister.
I am a friend.
I am an employee.
I am a student.
I am so very much.
I can handle the pressure.
Now, it may not always be gracefully, but I handle it.
I am a diamond.
Why so empowered all of a sudden.
Because enough is enough, right?
"When" needs to stop
and "Now" will begin.
I realize, as I write these words, that although life can be stressful, and busy, and an all-consuming hot mess, sometimes - it is also
full of all the love and hope I want and need.
All around me, every single day, I am stressed or worried - and that's completely normal.
Because I am human.
I become a diamond every day.
I shine because "I can do all things".
I shine when nobody's watching.
I shine for my children and hubby.
I shine so bright that I surprise myself sometimes.
And I'm not the only who does.
That person who gets up everyday and does life with purpose...
That person who wears all those hats...
That person that gets up at 4am because the baby needs a bottle...
That person that wakes up before everyone else in the house so that the day-to-day goes by smoothly...
That person who never wakes up alone because their furball is snuggling right by them...
That person who prays and prays and prays some more to be blessed with children
That person who applies to jobs everyday in hopes for that break
That person.
That person is you
You, diamond girl, you.
Yes, we all were a piece of charcoal that handled stress - that handled a whole lot of stress, actually.
Sure, we were.
But that moment that we came out of the womb
That moment when first light shined on our faces
That moment we can't even remember
That moment
We became diamonds.
So shine bright, lovey.
A Royal Daughter
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  1. keep shining! xo P.S. did you link this post to the hop today?

    1. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo

  2. You are brilliant, my friend. Simply brilliant. And I am glad to see you feeling so empowered!

  3. You ARE so much. I love that - keep saying it to yourselves! We owe it to ourselves to be nice. You rock!

  4. so beautiful!!!!! did you get an email from me that i'm following you???

  5. This is so great, Nay! I like the quote, and I love your spin on it!


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