Spring in my step...you too?

Have you felt it yet?
The change in the air...
That little spring in your step...
The sun shining on your face...
The weather isn't terribly hot or chillingly cold...
Everything just feels good.

No, not yet?
Me neither, really.
But hopefully soon...very soon.
And I, for one, cannot wait.

Spring is here!

In California, we don't really have a "winter".
There's no snow in the city
{well, maybe some hail here and there when it rains extra hard or some snow in the mountains}
and we definitely don't have "seasons" like everywhere else in the country.

But when Spring is on its way in...
I don' know - I just love life a little more.

Spring means I get to look forward to everything in bloom...

And, yes flowers start spring up everywhere, but really
It's really just my mood.
I feel lighter and happier.
Sometimes even, a little sassier.
But mostly in awe of the beauty that comes up all around me.
Does Spring do that for you, too?
{Wait, is it just me? Please tell me it's not just me!}
Happy First Day of Spring!
I can't wait to get this Spring really Sprung already!


  1. Do the palm trees seem more Palm-ey for you too? ;)

    We still get snow up until Early May, so spring isn't quite the thing here. CO seems to be a state dominated by summer and winter, so we tend to adapt to those 2 extremes.

    Happy spring to you! Enjoy those flowers.

  2. I am the exact same way! It's definitly not quite warming up here in Missouri yet...I miss the days of living in good old Cali. BUT we did have a day that reached 78 last weekend, and I could just feel like I am a much happier person. Summer sunshine is in my blood. Happy Spring!


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