This weekend, I lived :)

Before I begin, I must let you know that this is written under the influence of not enough coffee, the wickedly cruel time change, and the "sleepys".
You've been warned...:)

Welcome to the...

After a long week of being the frazzled workin'/schoolin' mama, I was absolutely thrilled when my hubby texted me on Friday afternoon that he had rented
Breaking Dawn Part Deux!
So, instead of starting my math homework on Friday night, I made chocolate chip cookies and snuggled on the sofa with the Hubby, Lovebug + Little Love and spent some time with Edward, Jacob, and Bella.
We watched it straight through once and then re-watched all of our favorite scenes.
Awesomeness, loveys, AWESOMENESS!

 Instead of being efficient and productive this weekend...I wasn't.
I didn't get to any of my homework until Sunday afternoon...late Sunday afternoon...right before Sunday night mass afternoon....after playing HORSE on Sunday after mass afternoon...
And I didn't feel bad about it at all.
Well, I wasn't thrilled that I had to do homework, loveys....
but whatevs!

Instead of doing homework and being "responsible",
I swooned over my new biz cards that my sis-in-law made me.
I repaid "lil sis" with some 'buckies.
I made a little something for my girl, Brooke, after reading her "create" posts.
I was pleased as punch not to clean the house because I felt the need to #keepitreal like Megan suggested.
I made blueberry muffins for a yummy Monday morning breakfast.
So, although I wasn't Mrs. Responsible, I was Mrs. Living In The Moment.
I like her a lot more:)

My favorite night of the week, though?
Definitely Saturday when I attended
I got to see people like you, loveys.
My sistas - BLOGGERS!
I love being able to spend time with people that blog.
They are forever friends - they "understand"...
It's pretty awesome...

It was a full weekend...
One that left me exhausted...
One that left me happy.

And that's all that matters:)


  1. Sooooo wish I could've gone on sat :( Hopefully I'll make the next event. xoox

  2. That sounds like a perfectly wonderfully busy and happily productive in the way that matters most weekend Nay, glad you had a chance to enjoy it to the fullest and those happy smiles say it was worth every minute of the procrastination on doing chores!

  3. Wow, what a weekend! Glad you decided to be happy and live in the moment!


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