Warranty Expired - sorry!

It's one of those Mondays where I realize that
I may have gone a tad bit overboard last night... 
Hubby must've been thinking, "overreact much?"
It was one of those, "did you hear me the first time?!" moments.
Those many moments where he probably thinks, 
"oh, why did her warranty expire already?"
 where he would probably want to yell into the phone at my dad,
"What do you mean there's no returns or refunds?!?!"
Yeah, I pulled one of my toddler tantrums on him last night.
{Think stomping up stairs and the such}
Even if I may have been wrong...just maybe.
But it's okay.
 He knows who he married...
He knows my "other" side.
And he still sticks arounds...
No, it's not because he loves me...
Of course he loves me - he even likes me a lot of the time.
He sticks around because 
I know his "other" side.
And, well...
He never extended the warranty.
I told him he should have.


  1. hahahahahaha. We all have those days. Glad you have a man willing to stick it out with you!

  2. These are hilarious! New follower and stopping to say Hi.


  3. Sounds just like me and my hubbs! My dad already told him no backsies!


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