It's the little things, isn't it?
Those are what really matter.
While I'm waiting for something big to happen, I realize that the everyday moments are what makes life "liveable" and full of #bliss.
I've experienced #friendlove a lot lately.
If I really think about it...I experience it pretty much everyday.
It comes in many shapes and forms.
Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be able to capture these moments in pictures.
Most of the time, though, the moments can't be instagrammed or facebook'd. 
I can't photograph the feeling.
For instance, #bfflove:
Yes, I got to have a drink with my BiFFLe
{that's our "Best Friend for Life" nickname for each other}
this weekend...
Yes, it was wonderful to sip on that deliciousness that I've been wanting for months...
But behind that photo is what I really had been craving:
Time with my best friend.
It was her birthday weekend - she's 27 days older than I am - #lol
and we headed out with our families to Laughlin.
This photo doesn't capture our late-Friday night drive together.
The roadtrip where I drove with her in her car and my hubby drove with the kids in the other -
Yes, we could've fit in one car, but we didn't.
We had a few hours to just sit in a car together...
blast the music she likes to listen to {while I just do the "really?!" look at her}...
talk about "everything"
{no, really, everything...the stuff that no one else would understand...}
talk without being judged...
laugh too loud...
It was just what the doctor ordered.
What about #bloggerlove?
With all of the different hats I wear, it's pretty darn wonderful to get a surprise in the mail from a fellow blogger (read: friend).
Brooke knew exactly what I needed to hear/read and how much it blessed my heart.
Adding a Starbucks girftcard was a great touch, but you know what?
The words she took the time to write are what delivered me...
Those words on that card are what made me feel validated.
Imagine that wonderfulness PLUS text messages letting you know that you are thought of.
Thank you, sweet friend - Mamma Bear loves you!
Equally nice is #coworkerlove...
I had that rose on my desk this morning.
Just a little "hey, I was thinking of you" token of friendship...and to tell you the truth:
I was pretty surprised.
Not to get the rose, but who it came from.
I guess you never know who cares until something like that happens, right?
There are all kinds of #friendlove.
We all experience it in different ways.
Ways we can show...
but, more importantly, ways that make you feel whole again.
Because when I'm waiting for something big to happen, I need to just stop.
All I have to do is open my eyes, really.
Just open my eyes and see it right there in front of me.
And when that happens...
Have a wonderful day...friend.


  1. Besos Nay! Sweet post! YOU are such a sweet friend in and out of blog land. Love your new blog too by the way! Even though I haven't been blogging and interacting much lately!!! So glad I get to see you soon!! Have a blessed week! xo

  2. So glad there has been so much love lately! I have been bad about giving friends love, and I apologize :(. I promise I'll work on it!


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