Givin' Props

I have this weird feeling that you all are going to be thinking,
"what a dumb post" after you read this...
But you know how you feel like you need to say it out loud once in a while?
Yeah, this is my "saying it out loud".
I've been wanting to write this post for a while.

This post is coming from that part of me that says, "you should feel guilty."
It may be because I'm Latina...or Catholic, maybe? Guilt is injected in us at birth...j/k 
{that was a joke - don't be offended if you are Latina or Catholic, please}
But I have this a huge amount of guilt.

I feel like I need to clear up a misconception of who people perceive me to be.
Here goes:

I don't do it all.
Like, not even a little bit.

Yes, I go to work everyday.  I'm a parent.  I'm a spouse. 
But, my hubby does (and is), too.

I know.  I go to school at night.
So what?
He does so much more!

He cooks.
He washes, dries, and folds the laundry.
He takes care of the kids.
He washes the dishes.
He gets gas for the car.
He goes grocery-shopping.
He does the household budget.
He does stuff.
A lot of stuff.

What do I do?
All the easy stuff.
I DEFINITELY DO NOT DO as much as he does.

Actually he does all the stuff I don't like to do.
{'s not like he does all this stuff and gets some, you know? Joke...well, kinda.}

So...I feel guilty that I don't do it all.
And he thinks I'm ridiculous.
He says I do all the stuff he doesn't like to do...
{Morning duty - put away the clothes - put away dishes - put away groceries...
um, I guess I'm good at putting stuff away?}

So when one of you texts me or emails me or anything like that saying,
"You do so much!"

I just want you to know:
Really, I don't.

I do the minimum.
I'm not okay with it, but he is for some reason.

And that's why I love him
so. very. much.

{To my main squeeze:  Thank you for being the better half. 143}



  1. I think you need to realize that your minimum is still more than some people will ever do as a maximum. It's okay to feel like you don't do enough, but but take the time to remember that there was probably a time when the hubs didn't do as much because he was in school. Different rolls for different times.

    Also, Ammon needs to come learn how to cook at your house. He has the cleaning thing down, but he really couldn't cook if it meant saving my life, let alone his. It's an issue ;-).

  2. I feel very similar. I do most of the household stuff and the budget, but mike does everything outside, washes and dries the dishes, and makes my breakfast every morning. It makes me feel small, like I'm using him somehow. He says I'm being ridiculous. I think it's a cycle. We pick things up and then put them down. It's ok.

  3. Your hubby sounds like mine. PAULito does the brunt of things around here, while I just skate by.


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