Hi There Lovey,
This week went by way too fast and I haven't had a chance...
for anything.

I was really thrilled because this week was supposed to be filled with writing time because it's Spring Break at my school this week.
Fate had another thing on its mind.

This is what my week looked like...
(an update for ya...)
The week started off pretty okay...
Although I was kind of nauseous and my tummy hurt in the morning, it went by fast.
I was just happy I didn't have class that night.
No Math?
All week?
Yesssss! Oh, the possibilities...
Had to stay home.
Remember the nauseousness and tummy-hurting from Monday?  Well, add a headache all night and no sleep.  I rarely skip work because I'm sick (I feel guilty for missing work...) - but this felt like a little piece of death - I had to stay home.
I slept most of the morning and then spent the afternoon in the bathroom (nice picture, I know - sorry).
The nausea was my companion for the rest of the night.
Later that night, I texted Tricia because I remember her writing about this type of thing with her daughter.
She texted me right back with the BRAT diet.
Life-saver, that woman!
I still felt pretty weak from the day and night before, so I stayed home an extra day.
The BRAT diet did help tons - I was visiting the "throne" so to speak less frequently.
Thank the Lord Above!
Did some homework in the afternoon while watching Ellen.
Went to sleep early.
I finally got to go back to feel normal again.
But you know how it is when you miss a day or so of work...
Catch Up Time
And that I did...from the moment I sat down at my desk 'til the moment my hubby picked me up from work.
Since I was feeling so much better, I made dinner.  (What?!)
And all enjoyed the cuisine a la Nay
(think frozen garlic bread in the oven, bottled alfredo sauce over pasta - very me-cooking)
I got to spend some time with my Lovebug - we did homework together.
I did mine, she did hers.
Kinda cute...and the best conversation.
Oh how happy I am that it's Friday.
I got to drink coffee this morning without gagging.
Everything is good in my world.
The hubby just emailed me that he reserved Les Miserables and the Hobbit for our weekly Friday Family Movie Night.
I feel better.
Thank you God (and Tricia...and the hubby, of course!)

Well you already know what we're doing tonight.
I plan on just enjoying the weekend.
Yes, I'll need to finish the Math homework and prepare for the test on Wednesday.
Oh, and read a play and answer the questions for English on Thursday.
Oh, and start working on the History midterm for April 30th (Happy Birthday to me - jeesh...)
But it doesn't matter.
I'll be with my lil fambam.

And, well, recently...
That's what matters most.
(That...and feeling normal in the "tummy issues" area)

I've been MIA from my space in blogland.
You've been missed and thought of, though.
How are you?
How have you been doing?


  1. Glad you are back to feeling better! So sorry you felt sick for half of the week.

  2. We all came down with the stomach flu a couple weeks ago. The whole fam- me, Paul and the girls... Even Bella! It was not fun.


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