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Buenos Dias, Amor.
Como estas?
Todo bien?

{Um, what?  You don't read Spanish?}

Good Morning, Love.
How are you?
Everything good?

I'm a bit tired...a little like that pup up there.  But I have my cup of coffee now.  So it's all good.
Caffeinated Nay is on her way...slowly, but I'm gettin' there.

This morning was cool.
I got to wake up at 6am instead of my usual 5:30am!
There were no issues this morning so we all got out the door on time.
The hubby and I went to the kids' school because they were both getting awards.

The kids thought we weren't going to be able to go, so when they saw us in the little audience...
they were smiling so wide.
I love that feeling of making them happy by just being there.

Everything is good.
It's just nice to be happy today.

Tonight's English class and then no class tomorrow night - only a regular work day.
And then, we're starting the birthday celebration on Saturday:)

Legoland, here we come!

How's it going for you?
Not so much?
Tell me, lovey...
How YOU Doin'?



  1. Oh fun stuff, coffee, awards, kids and legoland...good stuff ;) I'm hanging in there. Didn't blog, nothing came to mind. Can you imagine? Loves!

  2. Hooray for proud mama moments! Your kids are totally awesome :)

  3. I hear ya! I am so sleepy!! Congrats to your kids! =)



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