the end of an era, loveys!

It's okay to want sometimes.
It's okay to think of yourself sometimes, too.
It's okay to dream of a huge box filled with everything you want at the moment.

So it's okay to say,
"Hey! It's my birthday at the end of the month.  This is my birthday list."

Hey, you only live once.

Who wouldn't be happy to open four separate little boxes with these beauties?

Oh how wonderful to have this at your birthday table too?
the printed palette / hello apparel / pretty mani & "dressing like this" shoppingspree (!)

What if these wonders were hidden around the house for you to find on your birthday?

It's definitely okay.
I deserve some material love, right?
Don't we all?
We only have birthdays once a year.  And this year is a big one for me.
I'm turning 39.  It's the last year I'll be in my 30s.  The end of an era, loveys!
So this year, when someone says,
"What do you want for your bday, Nay?"
I'm not going to say,
"Oh nothing...don't worry about it.  Just having your company is nice."

Heck no!
I'm sending them straight to this blog post.

Good idea?

Happy Monday Loveys!
Make today count!


  1. I remember my 39th birthday vividly. I was 8 months pregnant (with my 1st!) and it was my baby shower.

    It was the last time I ever made a gift list, ha ha!

  2. Your go, girl! You deserve some sweet surprises on your special day

  3. I want everything on your list too! ;) I hope you get it all!!


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