Why I Blog?

Write words.
Write sentences.
Don't censor yourself.
Just write.
I have to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place.  
My passion is and has always been the written word.  I want words to flow through me onto a blank page.  I want those words - those thoughts - to inspire.  I want them to inspire my readers.  From that inspiration, I want my inbox to blow up from the comments I receive from every post.
But that doesn't happen.
Sometimes it happens, but my blog is just not read yet...
It will - it's in the process.
I have had to take a hard look at myself and figure out why I blog at all.
True story:
I once had a blog called "Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between" and I had to stop blogging there.  I had to stop blogging there. I didn't say I wanted to stop, but I was kind of forced to.  People outside of the blogging world (because I've never - ever - had negativity in the blogworld about my writing) attacked me because of what I had written.  They got me where it hurts - my soul.  Writing is the other ingredient running through my veins.  When I stopped writing at Cover 2 Cover, I was broken.  I was hurt.  I stopped blogging...or writing at all for that matter.
I met up with some blogger girlfriends...my people...people like you.  People who understand that hurt I was feeling.  Bloggers understand other bloggers.  We just do.  They understand what followers are...followers that stalk you in that nice way - because they like you, not want to creep you out:)
They held my hand.  They listened.  
And then they inspired me.
So I made the decision...
 I made the right decision to start this space...
I put a lot of thought into what I wanted this space to be.
I wanted it to be somewhere I enjoyed coming to and felt safe in.  It had to be somewhere that I could
It didn't have to be perfect.  It could be sporadic posting, even.  I wasn't going to make this blog feel like a job.  I also wanted to talk about anything I felt...anything.
My Faith.
My Family.
My Beliefs.
My Past. Present. Future.
Sometimes it would be silly...other times serious...but always me.
I feel like I'm slowly creating that space.
I like it here and I feel safe.
This is why I blog.
This is why I made the decision to blog again.
This is my world.  This is the world of blogging.
It's where I belong.

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Will you join me?


  1. I was kind of surprised to see all the negative things that can come from blogging/the blogging community, and it is sad that people will attack others because they don't like what they write. I am glad you're here, and I enjoy your writing (even though I don't comment as often as I visit). Always remember to write for you, then nothing else matters!

  2. I was so mad about why you had to stop blogging for a while. I actually screamed out lots when your told me what had happened. And so relieved when you came here, to this new sanctuary.

    I hear you on wanting to be read, and not there yet. I feel like i'm there too, and sometimes I just want to give up. But that would be like giving up the processing of life, which is silly. And so we march on, knowing that there are a fee precious souls that understand, and that gain from what we do/say....

    I heart you, my sweet friend

  3. I am such a ding dong... but I realized I wasn't following you anywhere because when you changed to this safe place I never creepily stalked you here (wink) Oh how I miss you and your blog and your laughter is always in my head getting me through the day. I'm establishing my spot again too. We'll see how it goes.

    I love you from the subsol!

  4. Love this girl. I love following along with your writing, and I love how transparent you are in this post!

  5. Glad you're blogging again. I've finally decided to turn my blog back into MY own space. For a while I lost interest in sharing my personal life because of non-bloggers' opinions. So I kept my blog but did lots of sponsored posts because I couldn't bear to let it go. Now I'm shaping it back into my little own corner of the Internet.


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