WILW: Anthro Mugs, Baby!

 photo 28d8b73f-8aa2-4d22-a756-cf3bcddcf030_zps9e48e90b.jpg
Who doesn't love Anthropologie mugs, right?
They are pretty adorable...
I don't own any, but it's on one of my many wishlists.
I'd use the with a twist teacup on weekend mornings, the swirled symmetry one at work probably, and I'd want to spell out "WRITE" for my dream home office with the monogrammed mugs...oh and "READ" for a bookcase, maybe.
I think mugs and teacups could be a great new addiction...and one to share with others.
Wouldn't it be a sweet idea to have matching mugs with friends???
Whenever you sipped out of your matching mug it would give you just another opportunity to think about that special person.
What are you loving today?
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  1. Those are adorable! I can see why there are several on your wishlist =)


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