and it all comes down to...

I was thinking this morning about stuff I've learned.
It was kind of like a series of "a-ha" moments.
Those eye-openers that you learn after the fact.
Those moments where you're like,
"Oh, now I get it.  Now I know why that happened."

I have lived for thirty-nine years.
In those thirty-nine years, I have met and lost friends in my life.
I have loved and been broken my people.
I have learned and unlearned habits.

But, what have I figured out all these years later?

It matters who stayed by your side.

Those people that remember you way back when.  Those people that you've just met and listen to your stories and still stick around.  Those people that you may not see everyday, or you've never really met, or that read your words and think to themselves, "that's what I needed to hear".

That's what matters.
Because I've had friends throughout my life.  I've known people for a few weeks, months, or years...some for decades...and a lot of the time, you have to know what they are there for.  And that's okay.  It's okay because they are needed in that time of your life for a reason.

They were there to teach you.
To teach you how to to live in that moment.
But then others are there for the long haul.  

And although, the ones who were only there for a season are entertaining, 
those long-term ones are the ones that really matter.

They are there to see your highs and lows, your success and failure, your sadness and fun.
I have lived in many seasons -
the seasons that I've enjoyed and suffered.
I have had many someones who have given my life some sweetness and even some sourness.
But in all those seasons, all those times in life that I didn't want to be alone or feel alone..
there is only one who has been there from the get go.
Only one that ever mattered.  
Only one that listened through the tears and laughter.
The Big Guy.

 And it always comes down to Him.  Always. 

Have a wonderful Monday, loveys.


  1. Oh, my Nay, I'm lucky that I get to be one of those people along the way. You have touched my life more than you know... but there's no leaving me; I'm creepy like that! Loves you!

  2. Even if our paths diverge someday in the distant future, I'm glad we have had this opportunity to be friends! Also, you have so many season still ahead... I hope you enjoy them for the lessons that they bring, and the new friendships as well!

  3. Hello my dear!
    Nice photos!
    Nice post!


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