Dear Birthday #39,

Sweet, sweet #39!  I think so far you have been one of my favorite birthdays - you're right behind #19 and #29 (Do I see a pattern here?!)

It's interesting how you started out pretty much like any other day.  I woke up and commenced the morning routine just as I always do.  You did throw in extra kisses and hugs from the kids and a sleepy birthday song by the Hubby, but I thought that's all I was getting for the day.  I was okay with that, too.  It was supposed to be just another regular work day followed by class at night as usual.  But, oh no!  You had a bunch of somethings up your sleeve, #39 : )

What a surprise when the Hubby drops me off at work and my little cubicle/office is all birthday'd out!
There were balloons, flowers, gifts (chocolate-covered strawberries, really!?!), and banners.  My sweet co-workers made me feel pretty loved and the whole "they like me, they really like me" feeling was overwhelming in a great way.  Oh #39, it was a great way to start the day.  I was so happy and ready to tackle the work day.

As lunchtime approached, my sweet bff at work tells me that instead of eating at lunch, we would be having lunchtime manis & pedis!!!  Oh joy, #39, oh loving wonderful JOY!

And you didn't stop you didn't!
Yet again another happy surprise awaited me when I came back from lunch.  My Hubby, sweet wonderful husband of mine, had stopped by while I was out.  

Birthday #39, there were two dozen roses waiting for me at my desk!!  Not only that but more balloons, my favorite chocolate (Dove, if you please), and little decorations all over.  {And lunch - my Hubby had made me his special secret recipe spaghetti, of course!  Remember, long noodle=longlife!} My office/cubicle had exploded BIRTHDAY-ness in every spare space. It was like a party up in there!

What more could you offer me, Bday 39?! How about a surprise birthday cake with my entire work team?!  A chocolate brownie-covered birthday cake? Really!?  Oh yes, #39, oh heck yeah!

This was sent to me right, I want this app whatever it is!
By the time my Hubs picked me up at 5pm, I was drunk off chocolate and birthday love.

I was then off to class and yes, I had to stop and get my treat from Starbucks - YUM!

free always tastes better!
Although I was kinda bummed that I had to go to dreary old History class {and that Mother Nature gave me a mean birthday gift - ew!} - NUMBER 39, you rocked my birthday world.  Good job!

Thank you for the wonderfulness that was you and for every little surprise and blessing of the day and night.   I'm actually looking forward to your sister next year now, #40!

P.S.:  Dear FB, Instagram, and Email - You get a special little shout-out, as well.  The birthday wishes coming through your tunnels were pretty outstanding!  I felt the love.  Being remembered by so many made my year : )  It reminded me that I have to remember this all the time.  I am loved.  I am cared for.  People like the Nay:)


  1. Oh I'm so glad you had a wondermous birthday. I'm right behind you sista... although the other day I told someone I was 40..WAIT hold the phone, I'm going to suck every last ounce out of my 30's! And ya know what? I get that same mean birthday gift from Mother Nature on my day too.. what is that about? Loves!

  2. People DO like the Nay, lol :) Your birthday looked so fun and festive for having to be at work and school for most of it! 39 sounds like it is starting off to be an awesome year!

  3. Girl, toy deserve all that and more! Also, I have a little something here for you, I just have to gave time to go mail it. Love ya!

  4. OMG, how did I miss this!?! Please tell me I wished you a happy birthday on FB or instagram! If not, happy belated birthday sweet friend!


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