Everyone has a Story...

It's true...
 This weekend at Elevate, Erin asked this question:
What is your why?
She asked us to take a minute to write down our "why"...our mission statement, so to speak.
As I sat in the audience, I wrote down what I thought I wanted to give with this blog, but when Erin asked for us to share...well, what came out of my mouth was completely different.
I said that I wanted this space to be an inspiration and encouragement to women.  Women with pasts - that past may be dirty, dysfunctional, torn - or not.  But it had to be a place that I can say to you, 
"See it all works out in the end.  It was all worth it. All of it."
You see, I have stories.  
I have lots of stories from my past.  Ones that are funny - and others, not so much .  These are the tales of my past -  ones that need to be spoken aloud because  I want you (my readers...my loveys) to know that it doesn't matter.  
It doesn't matter how dirty, dysfunctional, torn, or sad someone's past is...my past was.  All those stories made me who I am today.  Those stories made me start writing after all.  When I had no one to listen to me, I had my writing.  
And now...
Now I have this space.
This space where I can put it all down and feel safe about it.
I have a story.  It no longer defines me, but it certainly shaped me. 
It was ugly, but a lot of the time, very beautiful.
I learned that things - all things - happen for a reason.
And although I'm not totally ready to tell those stories right now -
I know that when I am, this will be the place to do it.
Everyone has a story.
Have you taken time to figure out what yours will do for you?
Baby steps, lovey...always, baby steps.


  1. Love you Nay! I love that no matter what you've been through, you are a strong women and made it through it. You are bigger, braver, and stronger than you know. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. I, too, surprised myself with what came out of my mouth to answer that question. What I wrote was a bunch of nice-sounding verbs that painted a happy place, but what I ended up saying was much more honest and came from down deep when I wasn't really searching for it. I loved that she asked that question and we got to answer out loud like that.

  3. You are always and forever my wondermous Nay... past, present and future! And I always feel safe here; and uplifted!

  4. Love this! You are such a love and we are all lucky to share this space with you!

  5. I feel so blessed to know you dear friend and that you share your story with us! xoxoxo

  6. It is a great why. You are such an uplifting person, each and every day.

  7. I love your positive outlook. That's a great reason to blog. :)

  8. It was so nice to get to meet you! I'm somewhat relieved to hear you say that you aren't ready to share some of your stories, because I always feel pressured to reveal my deepest darkest secrets on my blog and well, there are a few things I can't share because of how it would affect the other people involved. So I always feel like I'm not doing the one thing everyone says to do! Like you said, baby steps. :)


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