Guess who...

Good Morning!
Yah, it’s not Nay.  You probably realized that when the “Loveys” was missing.  It’s Pidg here taking over My Nay’s blog.  I swear to you, this time I have her permission.  But I will tell you this -silly girl hasn’t changed her log in and password in the past year and a half. I’ve been out of the blogging circuit so you may never really know the truth.  (smirk)

For reals, she told me to be nice.  For me, that’s awkward in itself, but I’m going to do my best.  (wink)

So she thought I could do something on my shops on Etsy.  But I felt like a ding dong.  So then I thought I’d do one of my random posts and that well… might not be the best spot for Nay’s readers.

We used to share a bunch of the same followers/readers.  We did what we called COPYCAT posts where we’d both post on the same subject but you got to see our two very different styles of writing, warped sense of humor and level of hyperactivity.  (Oh wait, that last one was just me.)

But I had to go and get a job in the outside world and be all grow-up and such.  I then was promoted oh so quickly and found myself into management which left zero time for writing (or breathing for that matter)  I got sick, really sick, then I was diagnosed with Celiac and found out I had been malnourished for 2 years.  But I just kept pushing because that’s always worked before.  Then my body went a direction that looked a lot like stopping and my mind joined in.  So now I’m home back to the writing, crafting, blogging, caretaker of pidglets and one Po.

But while this strangely sounds random there is a point.  (Weird right?)  I kind of went as reclusive as I always thought I wanted to be.  I shut out the world, lost touch with everyone. 
(not for the entire year and a half… just a few months)

Then there was Nay.  I think I described what happened over the past months in one sentence.  No details, just one vague explanation.  She promptly responded back with, “Well, just don’t leave again.”

And we’re back right where we always were thick as thieves, peanut butter and jelly, burger and fries, ice cream and coke… (Huh?  Yah, I’m hungry…)

It’s a rare thing to find a friend like that; someone who understands when the clouds roll in and the rain begins to fall.  It’s hard to find a person that will search under each rock to help pull you out of the mud you’re sinking in.  But that’s My Nay.

She lives in sunny California (I’m from San Diego) but I reside in North Carolina.  We’ve never met but talk and text daily.  We make plans for my ranch in Wyoming complete with her lake.
(We’re going to publish people, it’s just a matter of time. wink)

When I started this post I had no idea where it would go.  Somehow when I hijack her blog it always goes back to her.  (literally … smirk)

Know that when she posts something emotional it’s real.

Understand that when she posts something inspirational; she means it; individually to each of us.

Keep in mind that when she’s funny, you have no idea the dry sense of humor this woman really has.

Appreciate that you have a true friend in this blog that genuinely cares about people even when she has an off day.

Realize that she is fiercely loyal to her faith, family, friends and her beloved writing.

Recognize how many times she has stepped back in the light to refill her warmth only so that she might give it to another’s dampened soul

I love this friend of mine.  Thank you for those of you who support her, appreciate her and comment so that she knows she is touching others out there.

We’re going places; together.  We’ll find the niche that we create and create a comfortable corner of the world to share our stories, sorrows and successes.  For us it’s all about the writing, thanks for being a part of her journey.

Loves, oh so many loves to My Nay - I wouldn’t be giggling without you.



  1. Pidg, you're back!!!! Welcome home, girl, we're glad you're back =).

    Also, I really love it when you hijack Nay. She doesn't praise herself nearly enough.

    Also, Colorado and Wyoming share a border. Just saying.


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