This stuff makes me happy...
It's the simple things really...
I don't really need much.
An empty old bookstore

via my Coffee Date! board
Love and Coffee
If only it said, "All you need is love...and more coffee...and a little ink (in your pen)".
One of the reasons this space is my fave.

via another one of my pinterest boards
Fresh Flowers on your desk.
Just looking at them makes me happy.
When I don't have the real thing, I put pics of flowers on my computer desktop:)

From my Funny-Ha Ha Board
My whole reason for living, loveys!
Be Positive. Annoy Others. Repeat.

from my YUM board
Food makes me way too happy.
But those suckers up there?  Oh goodness.  Fruit Tarts on a lazy Sunday afternoon, sitting in a hammock with your favorite book, and a cool glass of white wine.
Sound good to you?

What's makes your personal brand of happy-ness?

Be encouraged today.
I'm thinking about ya! XOXO
Have a blessed day.
Make it count!


  1. Are we annoying others with our positivity or just in general? Because sometimes just generally annoying people makes me happy. Also, embarrassing my kids, that makes me REALLY happy. ;)

  2. Books, coffee, running, my little family, Jesus, love, and trees make me happy :)

  3. Starbucks double shot white chocolate in a can...stores neatly in the fridge... I won't tell you how many I need daily to focus my ADHD but I bet you already know ;)

  4. Hey girl, yes YOU! I saw your comment on Casey's IG and thought I would drop by, give you one more little reason to smile about, and tell you that you.are.amazing. Just for simply being you. Don't you let that counter reflect how much you are liked and loved. Because guess what? Google lies. Jesus trumps it always. ;-)

    This whole post makes me smile. I love fresh flowers. Even a bouquet of just a few. They just do something to the soul. In fact, that's exactly what I told my hubby that I wanted for Mother's Day this year. Just flowers. (and maybe a cute card too) That is all. I am thinking I need to come find you and your hammock. That sounds incredible.

  5. That last one sounded amazing! Too bad that is awfully hard to make happen regularly in the real world, but what a treat!


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