Hello Confianza! Welcome Back:)

Hello There Loveys♥ 
 Today's post is brought to you by my favorite friend,  Miss Confianza.
{That's "Miss Confidence" for you non-spanish-speakin' loveys...}
Yes, she's back in town and I was happy to see her this morning and welcome her with open arms!

It's been pretty warm in Southern California since Saturday, so Confianza suggested it would be great to put a burst of color on today.  To make it even more thrilling, I decided a dress would be appropriate. I added a brown belt and wedges to the outfit plus a light cardigan 'cause it gets chilly in my office cubicle...

This momma feels good!

I feel like I have a little spring in my step.  So much so, that I decided out loud, 
"Oh why not...today I'm doing a WIWW post. Let's show 'em what a visit from Confianza can do!"  

As soon as the Hubby came downstairs this morning, I told him, 
"We're going outside!  Let's take pictures of me!" 
Oh, he was definitely excited! {read: just making me happy by doing what I say.}

I posed and he snapped {...and told me when it looked like it was a good pose} 
and these are the products of that love:

He did pretty good, huh?
And Confianza showed through and through.

The best part so far...
When I walked into the office with Confianza.
As soon as I walked in, I got whistles and "hi there good-lookin'!" from my gals in the office.
Makes a workin' momma feel awesome!

Yup, Confianza needs to visit way more often.  I love when she comes around.
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  1. what a good friend this miss confianza is!
    that color looks great on you!

  2. As I said this morning when you text me, you look wonderful, beautimous and loverly! You even look happier today. I about cried when I read "my favorite friend" whew... I was going to have to comment.. "Wait! I'm the favorite friend sucka!" Thank goodness I didn't have to embarrass myself! (wink) Loves you my Nay!

  3. I am loving your cardi and your your "confianza" is certainly glowing! :) It was so good to meet you on Saturday. You are the sweetest!
    Have a beautiful day,
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  4. You're a total hottie! Love you in that color.

  5. Hello hot stuff!! Love the whole outfit! And yay for rockin some fierce confidence Nay! I love it and you!

  6. You look great, Nay!! Rockin' it! And I love those shoes!


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