Here you go!

This post inspired by Living in Yellow.  I love reading her Q&A posts!

Hey there Loveys,
I thought I would try a little something different today...are you excited?! {gigglin' over here}
So this week, I went on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and asked all of you:
"so...wanna ask me some questions and I'll answer them on the blog?  ASK ANYTHING...and GO!"
And, wow...did you guys "go"!

Thank you for all the questions, loveys!  It was fun to do...
Here goes!

"If you could live anywhere (money not being an issue) where would you live?  If you could have an[y] career (again-money not important) what would it be?"  
As soon as I read this question on instagram, I thought "water".  I would love to live in a little quiet town near the beach or a lake.  Last summer, we went to a little beach-side town called Avila Beach.  My hubby and I fell in love - totally. in. love.
Any career at all?  Okay, so you would probably think I'd say an author of the Great American novel.  And yes that is my dream, but if we're being truly honest and I could do ANYTHING I wanted? Well...I would be a back-up singer. {Huh?} I can carry a tune for sure and I've got the moves to match.  Just ask the hubby:)  I do back-up dancer moves to the songs on the radio every morning and I absolutely love to sing.  Oh, it would be so much fun!

"How did you meet your husband?" 
{Megan @ Absolute Mommy}
Picture this.  Late August 1989.  Sophomore English class, first period, first day of high school.  I'm sitting there minding my own business and my future husband walks into class.  Did I think that for even a second that he was "the one"?  Aww heck no!  Let me tell you that the boy who sat next to me in that class all semester long asking if he could copy my homework was definitely not the guy I was into then.  We became best friends though. It took fourteen years for that boy to become the man who would become my life partner.  I really would love to share "our story" here one day...but you know what?  I think it would be a great short story instead.  The opening to my memoir, maybe?

"So...can I call you sometime?" 
{Pidg @ PidgApeg}
lmbo - are you hitting on me?!  Sorry...taken. {wink}

"Who was your favorite teacher and why?" 
Miss Yeadon, 5th grade.  She was the best teacher ever.  Her classroom was set up so super awesome.  She had a little "living room" kinda thing so you could read.  She had us decorate the inside of milk cartons that she then set up as mailboxes for our "post office".  She talked to us like we were people - not just little kids, you know?  She was there when I needed her.  When I had to tell her something difficult that was going in my life, she was there to hold my hand when we needed to talk to my parents.  She was there and I am so thankful she was in my life.  I often wonder where her life's journey took her.

"Most embarrassing moment?" 
{Alissa @ Rags to Stitches}
Oh my gosh - there are too many.  I have a tendency to be an "accident waiting to happen".  The first one that comes to mind was a funny embarrassment - well, hopefully you think it's funny, right?  
So a couple of years ago, my hubby and I went out for sushi with some neighbor friends.  It was in a little shopping center and a lot of the stores were either Indian, Middle Eastern, or in the case of the sushi place, Japanese.  Multicultural Shopping Center, k?  So we're done having sushi, saying goodbye in the parking lot, when I look over at one of the stores' signs.  It says,
I  ERNATI    Hair
So I say, "Oh, I wonder what 'I ernati' means?  Maybe 'I love', do you think?"  My hubby and neighbors look up at the sign, then at each other, pause, and...start cracking up.  I mean, laughing so hard that they're holding there legs together so they don't pee in their pants.
Turns out that I didn't notice that the sign had some missing letters that weren't lighting up.  The sign? Oh, it's actually was supposed to say,
{ can stop laughing now...jeez}

"If you could be best pals with just one famous person, who would it be/why?"  
{Maegan @ SAHMaegan}
Sandra wait, Jennifer Garner.  Don't you think they are just "normal"?  Like someone you could be friends with? Like they just happen to have a job that's high profile?  Yeah, me too:)

"If you were having a baby boy right now, what would you name him? (Because we are stuck!)" 
Oliver, Ryan, Dominic, Jamison, Adrian
Whatcha think of those? Oh, and Noah.  Definitely, Noah.  As in "Noah Calhoun" in "The Notebook"...swoon.  Great.  Now I'm thinking of Ryan Gosling.

 There you have it...super long post...but so fun to do!
ps:  Go visit the loveys who asked questions, you'll love each and every one of them!


  1. I beg to differ... post, not long enough! Oh, I loved it (as usual) so we have the same famous people and for the same reasons! What?! If you're the singer then I want to be the roadie and pack up your mic k? Yah, this was a fun post but if told people to ask questions it would be you and one of my kids! LMBO you look beautimous bytheway!

  2. HAHAHA, I ERNATI (love) your answer to the most embarrassing moment. My 2yo is asking me why I'm sitting here laughing. Also, I totally contemplated the names Ryan and Noah because of my boyfriend Ryan Gosling. Unfortunately, Paul would never go for it.

  3. The International hair one really made me crack up! And the way you met your husband is awesome. I met my husband on the first day of college (for me) and there were definitely no bells or sparks or anything of that sort.

  4. Yay, so fun to read your answers and get to know you better! I loved reading about your favorite teacher. She sounded so special. I too LOVED my 5th grade teacher. She played a big role in my life.
    I just read the comment that you left on my blog. How fun would a baking day with the littles be!?! We should do that this summer for reals!

  5. Oh my heck Nay! International! Too funny!!! So sweet u met the husband in high school!

  6. Yay! Thanks for the ideas! I think I'm going to let my husband win this battle, which means he'll probably be Harrison. Then I'm just going to pray like crazy for a girl next time, so I can name her Piper! ;)


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