I was "Elevate"-ed...true story.

What did I think of Elevate?  
What did I think of the fellowship of bloggers all hanging out at the Newport Dunes?
What did I think of how awesome I felt the whole time I was there?
Oh, loveys, there is just not enough room in one post to tell you!

Top L to R:  Megan, Elevate Homies, with Chrissy / Center:  Elise's Doodle inspired by Kimmie's words / Bottom L to R:  with Kimmie, Fabulous Organizers & Inspiring Speakers, Reannah
I was inspired...encouraged...uplifted... 
Everything is so fresh in mind - it's Thursday and you can still catch me smiling when I think about last Saturday.
Top:  Me, Crystal and Sarah (who's workin' on starting a blog!) / Bottom L to R:  w/ Nina, w/ Megan & Kristine!
But I don't have the words yet...
I will, though, I promise.  
The words will be in a bunch of posts for a very long time.
The Letter S - our craft for the day (thanks for drawing it out Elise!) / Top R:  Sarah , Right Underneath: Margaritas afterward:) of course! / Bottom L to R:  Erin got us doin' the Cupid Shuffle / Chrissy "BeeTeeDoubleYou"/ Summer and Jenn starting us off!
Because that's what Elevate does to its attendees...it gives you words - so many words. 
It opens you up to being yourself - the real you - the blogger that is just wanting to burst out.
That blogger that is real and precious. 
The one with stories - lots and lots of stories. 
You will see its effects on me in future posts. 
I promise you that.
Photo by This Awesome Photographer!
I hope you could see in photos what my words didn't express.
That is was marvelous, warm, sweet...an absolutely wonderful time that I had.

 {Thank you Summer, Jenn & Nichole - you did it again! Can't wait until next year.}


  1. I want to come. Pity party all for Pidg... but see I invite you to those. Don't suppose they want to have one out here in the sticks... probably too many bees that guard your door! Haha! I love that top right picture of you, I'm going to paste my face in there and say I was with you LMBO!

  2. LOVE all your pictures, but especially the one of US! xoxo

  3. Let's be real, this former blogger really went for one reason...my friends. I love you so much and was dying to see you. I agree, so many words to come, but spending time with you my love is the best :)

  4. I wish I was one of those other attendees, just so that I could say I met you last weekend. End of story.

  5. Sounds like everyone that went had an amazing time. Wish I could've gone.

  6. Awsome post...truly an inspired and fun day!

  7. Love it!!! It was so good to see you again!! :) I stil have to write my post! (Agh!)Love all the pictures too - so fun!!! :)


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