Just Vanilla Please

Just vanilla.
That's how I want my life to be for a while.
Just for a little while.

Life has been so full of "toppings" lately...So. Many. Toppings!
My ice cream is about to topple over!
I put the toppings on myself so I'm the only one to blame, but can I just have some vanilla soon?  
Just plain ole vanilla!?!

I'd really like to take off the math homework sprinkles, the drizzle of history reading assignments, and please no more English research paper cookie crumbles!
It's just overloading a perfectly good vanilla ice cream cone, you know?!

I never thought all the added flavor would discourage me, overwhelm me this much, make me cry, give me additional mood swings...the horror of it all, loveys.

I just want a life of vanilla.
And then slowly, I'd like to add a little bit of those toppings a little bit at a time.
Not all at once.

Just five more weeks of topping overload, though. It's been a rough visit to the ice cream parlor, loveys.
I'm pretty much done.  Totally.  Done.

Just five more weeks.
Just five more weeks until I can just savor the vanilla.

{Letting out that deep breath.  Thanking you for actually reading through my metaphorical rant. Sometimes that's all you need to feel better.}


  1. Girl I hear ya! I have been go go going for the last few weeks and cannot wait for things to settle down. I am so excited to see you this weekend!

  2. You can do it my Nay! Soon you will have that vanilla with the cool whip cream of relaxation! I'm proud of you!

  3. I totally get this!! Well put....very well put!

  4. I think these things too. I think about being able to relax after everything is over. It never works for me, because I always manage to find something new to put on top, but I hope it works for you. Some good old fashioned living with that sweet family of yours!

  5. This analogy really resonates with me! I get in these frenzied moods where I'm just piling all the toppings on, until the cone collapses and I have to relearn how to say no and stick with vanilla.

  6. Love this metaphor! I'm all for vanilla with a little bit of toppings added from time to time.


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