Dear Memorial Day Weekend,
Thank you for getting here so soon.  I've been waiting for a three-day weekend since the last three-day weekend.  I hope to spend it at the beach, making cookies, and everything that constitutes my happy place.

Dear Spring Semester,
Only two weeks of you left.  It's been a rough journey and I am happy you are almost over.  After these next two weeks will be finals - maybe I'll take Summer off to have a chance to miss you.  They do say that absence makes the heart fonder, right?

Dear Brain,
I know you've been on overload for a couple of weeks.  I promise after finals, I'll give you what you like.  I know you like the books I read for enjoyment and having awesome 80s music playing.  I'll make sure to feed you what you want and not what you need.
You're welcome.

Dear Hubby,
Are you sure you're not from Tennessee?
'Cause you're the only Ten I See.
Get It?

Dear Lovebug and Little Love,
Looking forward to cuddles and baking with you this weekend.

Dear Pidg,
Thank you for you.  Don't ever leave again.  It hurts my heart to think about it.  Who am I going to bounce off my weird post topics off?  Or text venting? Hello!
Next time I ask you to help with the bloggy...I'm just sayin' - no more trickin'!

Dear Loveys,
You.  Awesome, Fantastic YOU.
Have a safe and wonderful weekend.  You are wonderfully made.  Make sure you remember that, k?



  1. I love your self too ;) I want some of those cookies so make a gluten free batch k? I also have to admit that when I read the "Dear Brain" I completely read "Brian" and was freaking out wondering who some dude was that I didn't know! Haha! Let's start a dear brian page... I hope you have a wondermous weekend because you oh so deserve it!

  2. I totally LOL'd with the "'Cause you're the only Ten I See." I'm gonna use that on Paul tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful 3-day weekend!

  3. Have a great weekend, my sweet friend! Enjoy an extra day of rest =)

  4. Have so much fun! The beach and cookies sound like a fab weekend!


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